The Vanishing Evidence for Multiple Glaciations



One Glaciation Instead of Many


            In their article on the sub glacial morphology of southeast Alberta, Claire Beany and John Shaw reexamined the evidences that had previously led to the hypothesis of multiple glaciations in that area of Alberta. They examined the amount and type of erosion and the small amount of glacial deposits at the edge of the area and the type and condition of the rocks and gravel found in remaining tills. The conclusion they make is that the evidence does not fit well with the idea that the area had been swept through by multiple glaciations (Beany, C. and Shaw, J. p.51).

            Like many other scientists, they have discovered that much evidence originally thought to “prove” multiple ice ages was mis-interpreted. In fact, when the theory of orbital induced ice ages was first conceived many valid arguments were brought against it. However the generation of scientists today are largely unaware of these arguments, and have accepted the astronomical theory as a well established fact.

            The valid arguments of the past though have not been answered and new understanding of how Glaciers move and create till layers present very stout evidence against the present paradigm. These new interpretations along with the fact that large parts of the far north were never glaciated at all pose a serious threat to the multiple ice age theory and its associated long expanses of time. However, popular scientific paradigms don’t get over thrown easily

            This is particularly true when they help support the long time spans that Charles Lyell originally inserted into geology, with the express intent of over throwing Flood Geology. And when they are the underlying basis for the theory of run away climate change caused by carbon increase due to fossil fuels.





Beany, C and Shaw, J.

            The Sub Glacial Morphology of southeastern Alberta,

            The Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences, 37, Jan. 2000. p. 51.


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