Response to a Logics Professor

Response to a Logics Professor



            (This is a post I put on the discussion board when my online logic professor put intelligent design in the same category of poor argument as astrology and other superstitious activity in her lecture. No one else in the class challenged her and neither she nor anyone in the entire class responded to my post when I questioned her position.. I kept the response short and to the point, to give her less rabbits to chase, but she refused to engage. In all other ways she was a good professor, but obviously had a bias. However she made no further disparaging remarks for the remainder of the class, and I don’t think she punished me, as she gave me a decent grade. I have no idea if anyone in the fairly large class ever went to see Ben Steins movie, Expelled, lol.)




             I don’t think “intelligent design” belongs in the same category as astrology and superstition, unless you want to put Neo- Darwinism in the same category. For one, life from non-life has proven to be a biological and chemical impossibility; and at least 99.9 percent of mutations cause a loss of information, not a gain.  According to paleontologists from the American Museum of Natural History, the fossil record has proven to be such poor support for Darwin‘s theory, they’ve had to come up with a whole new theory to explain the consistent stasis found there. (Yes that is an argument from authority)

             Since true Darwinian evolution (spontaneous generation) has never been observed and an act of supernatural creation has never been observed,(at least under modern scientific testing) both rely upon faith. The Ben Stein movie “Expelled” is opening this weekend in Spokane and should be a great introduction to the subject. My youngest daughter saw it last night and was quite excited about it, I plan to see it tomorrow, if I can make the drive from Republic.


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3 Responses to Response to a Logics Professor

  1. Tony J. Bowe says:

    Great way to stick up for truth in the classroom. We need more people to stand up in our secular colleges and universities. Impressed to hear your professor did not discriminate or punish you in any way after such a response in the discussion board. Even if she disagrees, she handled with class, it sounds.


    • markho says:

      I know on a lot of college campuses professors can be bullies, demeaning or dogmatic in dealing with “idiotes” like myself. But all of my SFCC prof.s have handled my noncultural stances with fair mindedness and class. At least so far…I’ve been impressed.


      • markho says:

        But I don’t want to mislead anyone, there is a definte slant against Biblical Christianity in any secular college you go to and even in many Christian colleges. It’s just a part of academia which has solidly rejected Christ and is now deeply entrenched in atheistic, naturalistic thinking. I had professors though who picked fairly good textbooks, ie. history books that weren’t heavily “revisioned”, and one excellent philosphy book that provided all kinds of ground for laying a foundation for faith in general. But some of the texts were blatantly anti christian, and almost all, even art and musec books managed to insert the “millions of years” as if it was actually more than an assumption. None of them explained or crtitiqued the actual dating methods. So, as they say, Buyer (or parent) Beware.


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