A Lion Roars: Teddy Roosevelt

From Out of the Past a Lion Roars; Teddy Roosevelt on the Role of Christianity in America


          This will not be an essay, I’m just going to run by a series of direct quotes and let the man speak for himself. 


“No abounding of material prosperity shall avail us if our spiritual senses atrophy. The foes of our own household shall prevail against us unless there be in our people an inner life which finds its outer expression in a morality like that preached by the seers and prophets of God when the grandeur that was Greece and the glory that was Rome still lay in the future.” (1)


“Every thinking man, when he thinks, realizes that the teachings of the Bible are so interwoven and entwined with our whole social and civic life that it would be literally impossible to figure what life would be like if these standards were removed. We would lose almost all the standards by which we now judge both public and private morals.” (2)



“There are those who believe that a new modernity demands a new morality.  What they fail to consider is the harsh reality that there is no such thing as a new morality.  There is only one morality.  All else is immorality.  There is only true Christian ethics over against which stands the whole of paganism.  If we are to fulfill our destiny as a people, then we must return to the old morality, the sole morality. And if we are to do that the church must prepare us for the task.” (3)




(1)  Theodore Roosevelt, The Foes of Our Own Household, New York, 1917, p.132


(2)  James Willis, The Letters and Speeches of Theodore Roosevelt, 1937, p.86


(3) David Johnson, Theodore Roosevelt: American Monarch, 1981, p.91


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One Response to A Lion Roars: Teddy Roosevelt

  1. markho says:

    Thank you, but I have to give Teddy all the credit.


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