Arab Treatment of Palestinians

Palestinians Admit They’re Treated Better in Israel then in Arab Countries

      [Disclaimer; this post wasn’t written to evoke sympathy for the Palestinian State. The “Palestinians” are simply the Arabs who were living at least part of time in the area now called Israel prior to 1948, and who were offered 3 parcels of the same territory offered to the Jewish people. The Jews were given the same offer and accepted, being more than willing to share the land with their Arab neighbors. The Arabs turned down the offer and swore instead to drive the Jews into the sea, and have consistently shown the same implacable attitude to the Israeli nation ever since] 

        I ran across an old article from the first invasion of Iraq in 1990, written just after we had liberated Kuwait. In the article by Richard Price, USA Today, many Palestinians were seeking out the American press to register complaints of their treatment in Kuwait and the rest of the Arab world.  That caught my attention and so I cut it out and threw it in a shoebox, where I found it the other day.

         Few people are aware of how badly the Palestinians have been treated in Kuwait and elsewhere in the Mid-East. They were virtually run out of Syria and Jordan, and are kept in concentration camps in Lebanon, where they can best serve the purposes of the Hezbollah and others hostile to the only Jewish nation in the region, or the world for that matter. Since most of the time it suits their purposes to paint the Israelis as “oppressors”,  I thought this article would help underline the fact that the real reason Arabs wish to destroy Israel, is ideologically and spiritually based, not due to the oft alledged mistreatment by the Israeli government.

         They told reporters, “At least they (Israelis) won’t bother you if you don’t bother them”.  And, “Their democratic ideals protect us. But in Arab countries they’ll treat us as a lower life form”.

         The Palestinians told reporters that the U.S troops had tried to intervene for them, but there was little they could do. It sounds as if they’re stuck between a rock and a hard place…it doesn’t pay to curse Israel.

(The article follows, though I couldn’t get the format to work very well and lost the Photo)

Palestinians say they’re Taunted and beaten in Kuwait

By Richard Price USA TODAY

KUWAIT CITY – Five days after allied forces recaptured the city, Mazim Younes and his mother were driving across town when they ran into an allied checkpoint today, 17-year-old Mazim has a broken left arm, more than 100 welts and bruises, and a gash in his skull. He says he was beaten by Saudi troops, as U.S. troops watched. The reason: He’s a Palestinian. “I have lived in Kuwait for 33 years,” says his father, Mahmoud. “We went through as much agony as any Kuwaiti. I lost a business. My children have lost a year of their lives. Now I would like to celebrate as all Kuwait is celebrating. But we cannot. If we go in public, we will be taunted or beaten.” Many Palestinians say revenge is being exacted against them without discrimination because a number of Palestinians aligned themselves with Iraq’s Saddam Hussein or acted as Iraqi collaborators. Some of them here say bluntly that Israel treats them better than anyone in this region. “At least they won’t bother you unless you bother them,” says Han-ifi Younes, Mahmoud’s oldest son. “Their democratic ideals protect us. But in Arab countries, they’ll mistreat us as lower life forms.” Things will be tougher than ever particularly here in Kuwait, where people are embittered by the Palestinian connection with Saddam. Dozens of Palestinians have been stoned or beaten, turned away from gas stations, refused service in stores, and taunted in the streets.

 At least 4,000 Pales­tinian and other suspected collaborators have been jailed since liberation, according to resistance officials manning…etc



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