Quote of the Week: Francesco Redi

Francesco Redi explaining why he did his experiment disproving the spontaneous generation of life. (Louis Pasteur would challenge the idea in a different manner later in history) The medieval belief in spontaneous generation is fundamental to Darwin’s theory, which in turn is fundamental in supporting secular atheism, the philosophy underlying American academia;


          “I shall express my belief that the earth, after having brought forth the first plants and animals at the beginning by order of the Supreme and Omnipotent Creator, has never produced any kinds of plants or animals, either perfect or imperfect; and everything which we know in past or present times that she has produced, came solely from the true seeds of the plants and animals themselves, which thus, through means of their own, preserve their species”


 Redi, F. [1688] 1969. Experiments on the generation of insects.Translated by Mab Bigelow. Reprint, Millwood, New York: Kraus.


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