9/11 Reflections

It’s been eight years since the day that Islamic terrorists flew planes into the trade towers, the Pentagon, with one flight being brought down before it could reach its intended target. To my shame, but partly due to geography, its taken me that long to begin to take in  and understand the tragedy, terror and horror of that day. Our New York neighbors had to absorb it all one week or less. Whether we wanted to or not, we’ve had to come face to face, just as our fathers generation did in WWII, with the reality that there is Evil in the world. A darkness that is not easily explained in natural terms or logic. During the 80’s and 90’s many Christian writers and speakers were trying to warn of the real possibility of Jihad, but no one anticipated the savage force with which it would strike. Watching the ceremonies, my heart goes out to the families that lost so much, but rises in awe at the courage God put in the hearts of the NY police and firefighters.  From any perspective its a day America should never forget, and a warning we should never let go unheeded. Despite what they tell us in college, all religions are not equal, and what you believe will have an unmistakable  effect on your behavior.


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