The Watchtower vs. Clement and Tertullian

The Watchtower vs. Clement of Alexandria and Tertullian


The “Should You Believe in the Trinity?” book suggests that Clement taught that Jesus was “a creature” on p.7. But what Clement actually said was that Christ is,


“Truly most manifest Deity, He that is made equal to the Lord of the Universe because He was His Son.” (Exhortation to the Heathen, ANF 10, 2:202) and he said that Christ was, “One and the same God as the Father.” (Clement, The Instructor,1.8, 1.11,ANF 2:227,234) He also referred to Christ as “the Eternal Son” and believed that the Father and Son had always been in co-existence throughout eternity. (See Exhortation to the Heathen, 12 ANF, 2:206 and Clement, Miscellanies, 5.1 ANF, 2:444)


In the same book the watchtower quotes (and misquotes) passages where Tertullian makes distinctions between the persons of the Godhead, and tries to use these to give the reader the picture that Tertullian wasn’t Trinitarian in his beliefs. What did he actually say in regards to the God of the Bible? He said,


Thus the connection of the Father in the Son and of the Son in the Paraclete, (Holy Spirit) produces three coherent persons who are yet distinct, one from the other. These three are one essence. Not one person, as it is said, I and my father are one, in respect of unity of substance not singularity of number” (Against Praxeas Vol.3, ANF, xxv p.621)




This Word of God is the Son, equal to God, yet second to the Father functionally” (ibid, 7, 3:601, 602.)


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