Republic Hot Spots: Eichs Mercantile

(Here’s another paper I had to write for Eng. Comp., the professor was always bragging up the Co-op, so I decided to go against him, as usual, and push Eichs)


Eichs Mercantile


            After a hard days work, or after a stressful morning at school, I usually find my way down the street to Eichs Mercantile.  It’s situated in between Radio Shack on the one side and the Youth Dynamics center on the other. Across the street lies the CoOp, the food there is delicious and the variety outstanding and the people friendly.

            But I’m a redneck. I have a mind encumbered by out dated concepts like divine fiat, the fall of man, the law of entropy and information theory. This limits the number of alternative realities I can entertain and makes me poor fodder for the enlightened and nimble minds that sometimes meet at the Co-Op. So when driven by fatigue or appetite, ideology can dictate where I turn into for coffee. And generally the path leads to Eichs for a time of refreshment and recuperation.

            Inside Eichs I can sidle up to a good warm cup of house coffee and a homemade doughnut or cinnamon roll covered in melted butter. I can listen to young kids learning to play bluegrass music on their fiddles, mandolins and guitars. While the variety isn’t as great as across the street, the food they do make at Eichs, they make well. They have vege-packed subs, hot or cold sandwiches, soups and a good assortment of ice cream, shakes, Italian sodas and the like. If you like Lattes, some of best in town can be found at Eichs mercantile.

            If you’re shopping minded, Rhonda Eich has a great assortment of Knick Knacks, children’s toys, and antiques you can peruse at your leisure. Richard Eich, when he’s not giving music lessons to the kids, will be glad to sell you a new instrument, or strings for your guitar or fiddle. If you can read, and some of us can, there is always a free newspaper on the table.  The atmosphere is one of warm and laid back sobriety, backed by good music.

            If you happen to be in Republic, and you’re looking for an alternative to the CoOp or other restaurants, try Eichs Mercantile, you’ll find it more than worthy of your time and money. And don’t forget to leave a good tip for the girls that work there, they’ll thank you for it.


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woodcutter from Washington State
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2 Responses to Republic Hot Spots: Eichs Mercantile

  1. Tony J. Bowe says:

    Nice! Thanks for the free advertising, Mark…

    lol in all serious though well written piece, I must say.


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