Last Years most Unpopular Post: “Can a Nation?”

Can a Nation that Rejects Gods Moral and Sexual Standards expect His Protection from Jihad and Natural Disasters, and His Blessing on Health?


Probably not. Do we think for a moment that God, the creator of the Universe, and unseen author of the Holy Bible is up in Heaven right now, wringing His hands in anxiety and worry over the prospect of global warming, AIDS, or economic collapse? Do we think He has thrown up his hands in despair and just doesn’t know what to do? I mean it creates a funny picture, but as a nation we love to give Him lip service while our actions suggest we think He is unable, unwilling, or really doesn’t exist at all.  But do we imagine t hat we don’t need His help in adverting and defeating our enemies from outside and inside our borders? Or His wisdom in tending the garden of His Creation or in stemming  alarming increase in disease?

Have we assumed that it’s not possible that we’ve become like Sodom or could receive the same fate as Gomorrah? Maybe you prefer to think of the story of Sodom and Gomorrah as a mere fairy tale, but the history of the nations tends to show that a proliferation and acceptance of non-biblical morals precedes societies before they disappear off the face of the Earth.

It is hard to conceive of a nation founded by the Puritans and dedicated to becoming a light on the hill, becoming so intolerant of Biblical morals in such a few short generations. What if such a nation became not only broad in its view of morals, religion and gender roles, but even antagonistic towards the Bible, the God of the Bible, and those who try to follow it?

If a nation openly embraces homosexual behavior and becomes so hardened towards babies who are victims of abortion, that it refuses to protect even those that have the audacity to survive the saline “technique”, can it really expect God to heed its prayers? When adultery and sex both before and outside of marriage become the most popular form of entertainment and the high divorce rate permits a huge number of single parent children almost unlimited time to peruse pornography on the computer and on daytime TV, how are we different than the Canaanites in Sodom?

Obviously, we as a nation haven’t heeded Teddy Roosevelt’s words of warning. (see a Lion Roars) But if that’s true, than maybe the answer to our problems, real or perceived, isn’t in more government legislation and programs or “New World” ideas, but rather in turning away from those individual behaviors that put us at enmity with God.  Instead we could turn back towards His goodness and mercy by following after Him with the same steadfastness of purpose that was characteristic of our pilgrim forefathers. They were partakers of the same genetics and same sin nature that we have. They had the same tendency to sin and committed the same kinds of sin that we have. But by faith they looked to their Creator to overcome those tendencies, forgive those sins and move ahead in Gods Grace. Can’t we, at least as individuals, do the same?

. If we are no longer in a position as a nation to expect Gods supernatural help, we may yet by His Grace still receive it. And through repentance as individuals we can be confident that the God of the Bible is abundantly capable of solving any problem we face and in any manner He pleases, in ways that are far beyond mere human understanding.

Have we become so arrogant that we have forgotten that?


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