Lighting Strikes Again

Jack and Sam: Lightening Strikes again


                When my oldest son was in high school, he liked to help me deliver wood after school in order to make a little extra money. Since he had a drivers license, he could load the truck and deliver the wood himself, or with a friend. We had an old 74 Dodge one ton at the time, a heavily built truck with duals on the rear and a bed that could carry two full cords. One consistent problem I had with that old truck was a reoccurring short in the rear left tail light. I was constantly fixing it, but it never stayed fixed long. At the time of this particular story, the tail light was in a state of unfix.

            One afternoon when he was particularly needy for money, he began to pester me to let him make a two cord delivery with his sidekick Jack. The tail light was out so I was a little leery of letting him go, particularly with Jack. When ever those did something together, things just had a way of going awry. Still, he kept pestering me, and I liked the idea of two cords being delivered with out my being involved. I told him again and again, to remember to hand signal when he made a left turn. “You only have two left turns, Sam, be sure to use your hand!”

“Sure, Dad, I know, I know…”

            A half an hour later I was driving up to the accident site. He had pulled in front of a gravel hack pulling a trailer with a large back hoe on it. Two good things: No one had gotten hurt, amazingly, and the truck driver had been passing illegally. The bad thing? Sam admitted he had forgotten to use his turn signal. I personally doubt he even checked his rear view mirror. Sam was very embarrassed and shaken. Jack’s comment was, “You should have been there Mr. Hodges,  it was totally awesome…”


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2 Responses to Lighting Strikes Again

  1. Tony J. Bowe says:

    It seems those two have a lot of stores together…


  2. Mark says:

    Yeah, and then Jack followed Sam to Moody,and they had further adventures there. But somehow they both have survived after a


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