Classic objection to the Deity of Christ

Classic Objection; Jn 14:28 “My Father is Greater Than I”

This verse, along with others which speak of the Lord’s being ‘subject’ to the Father, is sometimes used to deny Jesus’ deity. However, the fact that Jesus, in His ministry be­came lesser in office and subject to the Father in no way negates his equality with the Father in essence.

For example, imagine a man’s business which grew so large that he wasn’t able to keep track of his employees, and he wanted to find out what it was like at the lowest level of his employ. If to do so he disguised himself and hired on to work among them, willingly becom­ing obedient to even his lowest level of management, he would be in a role much like that of Jesus Christ. He would still be boss and owner, and yet, subject to his own employees.

In His role as Servant, Jesus not only became lesser in office than the Father, but the Bible tells us that He was even made lower than the angels themselves. (Heb. 2:9) Adding to this  the fact that in John it says, “All things were made by Him, and without Him was not one thing made.” (John 1:3) We can draw the inescapable conclusion that Jesus the creator became subject to His own creation. So it should not come as a great surprise to find Jesus subject to his Father. It should also be noted that being subject to someone doesn’t necessarily negate equality of substance with that person. For example, a woman in her marriage role is subject to her husband, and yet both are equally human, of equal importance and equally valuable to God. Nor does being lesser in office or position to someone, make that person better than you. They may be greater in authority (like a mayor or president) but not better.

In taking on the self-imposed limitations that His ministry would require, Jesus be­came lesser in office than the Father. And yet, as the scripture tells us, – “In Him all the full­ness of The Deity’ lives in bodily form.” (Co!. 2:9} So even when Jesus gives the Father preeminence, for any reason, He is still in essence equal.


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2 Responses to Classic objection to the Deity of Christ

  1. Tony J. Bowe says:

    Another excellent piece, Mark. seriously great stuff. You have a great way of making sense of supposedly “complex” problems/contradictions. keep up the good work!


    • markho says:

      Thanks, Tony. I’ve often wondered why the Watchtower trys to use the Bible to prove a point when their own publications say that if you read it by itself with out their “aids” you will fall into darkness, and that most of the New Testament is only for a small number of annoited Watchtower members anyway. But it does make it fun and helps you to learn more about Scripture. Hey, I really enjoyed your Word Prsss site…awesome as all get out.


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