Ida Fossil Falls Back to Earth

Readers, you might want to check out this link to catch up with the further adventures of, “Ida”, as another alledged hominid flames out and falls to Earth.  Here is a small excerpt from the article, (person quoted is evolutionist)

Research head Erik Seiffert, an anatomist/paleontologist at Stony Brook University, explained, “’The suggestion that Ida [was] . . . specifically related to the higher primates, namely monkeys apes and humans, was actually a minority view from the start. So it came as a surprise to many of us who are studying primate paleontology.” Seiffert continued,

“We have analyzed a large data set based on observations we have made on almost 120 living and extinct primates and . . . we find . . . Darwinius and this new genus that we’ve described are not part of our ancestry. They are more closely related to lemurs and lorises than they are to tarsirs or monkeys, apes and humans. This study would effectively remove Ida from our ancestry.”

All the original hype shouldn’t be surprising. If you find an extinct lemur, you buy your own bus ticket back to town. You find an alledged human ancestor, and you’re on the front page of every news show and Discovery Channel is depositing money in your bank account…


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4 Responses to Ida Fossil Falls Back to Earth

  1. Tony J. Bowe says:

    Absolutely amazing, isn’t it? I particularly like the comment at the end of your article 🙂


    • markho says:

      Sad, but too often true. I can understand scientists wanting to make money, but with these discovery shows like “Ardi” and Ida its hyped to the point of being ridiculous.


  2. Erik says:

    Ida was only put forward as a human ancestor by its discoverers. The majority of the scientific community did not agree with this interpretation. Why do you only accept the positions of the scientific community when it agrees with your opinions, and disregard their ideas when they are inconvenient for you?


  3. Mark says:

    Thanks for your post, Eric. Good question. But whoa there, how would you know that? How do you know that I only accept the positions of the Scientific community when they agree with my opinion? There have been times when I don’t agree with opions of Creation scientists about various interpretations of evidence. And more importantly, I’m not necessarily agreeing with them here. I’m just pointing out what the public almost never hears. That all the alledged hominid transitionals evetually fall into disfavor, as more research comes in. The eauly hype hits the headlines, and the public reads about one more “proof of evolution”. What happens a year later doesn’t make the headlines. Also, scientific interpretation of the evidence changes, sometimes evidence is even discovered to be fraudulent. My problem with evolulion doesn’t lie in any particular peice of evidence, I just think its interesting that it never seems to match up with the major evidences. Like, dead matter doesn’t turn itself into biological machines..spontaneous generation had never been observed..
    etc. etc. And how do you know I disregard their arguments when they are inconvenient to me? I always try to answer arguments not misrepresent them or deny them.


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