The Stasis of the Fossil Record

The Absence of Transitional Fossils is Pervasive


            Some writers in trying to minimize the problems for evolution in the fossil record try to imply that the only place where there is a lack of transitional fossils is in the Cambrian, the part of the geological column where almost all the major forms of life first show up fully formed and without ancestors. This of course is not true, as has been documented many times before. Following are some examples of statements made by leading paleontologists on various parts or “periods” of the column.


“This regular absence of transitional forms is not confined to mammals, but is almost a universal phenomenon, as has long been noted by paleontologists.”

George Gaylord Simpson, Tempo and Mode in Evolution, Columbia University Press, p.107


The following is a quote from an article in Discoverer magazine in May, 1981, by Stephen J. Gould, on his proposal of the “theory of punctuated equilibrium”, the idea that the reason we don’t find transitional fossils is because evolution took place so quickly, that it left no evidence behind.


“In 1972 my colleague Niles Eldredge and I developed the theory of punctuated equilibrium. We argued that two outstanding facts of the fossil record—geologically sudden origin of new species and failure to change thereafter (stasis)—reflect the predictions of (this new) evolutionary theory, not the imperfections of the fossil record.”


I could easily add many more quotes from every decade since Darwin that verify the real lack of support for evolution in the fossil record. About the only place in scientific literature where you won’t find these facts, as Gould calls them, is in our children’s high school textbooks. Though many college texts fail to major on the true nature of the fossil record and certainaly you won’t hear about it on the Nat’l Geographic or Discovery channels.This is not the fault of school administrators or teachers, but rather of state legislators, common citizens, textbook writers and the paranoid scientific community that absolutely forbids any information that might “clutter” the mind of students and lead them away from the Darwinian faith, to enter the textbooks.












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