Quotes of the Week:From Geological Journals

Quotes from Various Geological Journals on Rock dating

“The U- Pb and Rb-Sr systems are known to be highly susceptible to resetting by hydrothermal, digenetic, and metamorphic processes. “  Toulkeridis, et al, 1998 p. 138 Precambrian Research, 92: 129-144

“It is self-evident that a contaminated sample will give an erroneous date, but it is frequently impossible to ascertain if a sample has indeed been contaminated.”   Bradley 1985 p. 54 Quaternary Paleoclimatology, London Boston: Allen and Unwin

Relative ages are always subject to interpretation, and radiocarbon dates are often ignored or dismissed as a ” bad date ” if they do not fit in an a priori hypothesis.”    Thompson et al. p. 392 Geological Society of America Abstracts …20(5):392 1988

” It is common geochronological practice to regard the oldest age obtained from a suite of geologically contemporaneous rocks as a best estimate of the true age …”   Mittchel et. al.1989 p. 56 Chemical Geology 79:49-64

Unfortunately, stratigraphic control is frequently lacking or inadequate, and anonymously high ages can be very reproducible.”    LoBello, 1987, p.61, Chemical Geology 66:67-71

“ The assumption that during the whole life of the rock volume being analyzed, that neither the radioactive element nor its decay product have move into or out of this volume is practically unlikely to be realized in nature at all.”    Skobelin, et al, Deliberation of state and ways of perestroika in geology, 1990, p.25


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