Manipulated information: Paleontology

Did Scientific Censure  die out with Galileo?

Are our kids being told the truth about paleontology? Read about the trade secret of paleontology in ” Scientific Censure of the Fossil Record”, in the pages side bar, and decide for yourself.


What is Irreversable Complexity?

An ICR article by Brian Thomas discusses recent discoveries in biology that spell more problems for the theory of biological evolution..

“Scientists discovered something remarkable in a recent study—evolution can’t be reversed. In tracing the supposed evolution of a common protein, they introduced mutations to move the protein “backward” to each of its hypothetical transitional stages and discovered that each one wouldn’t work. What does that mean to the theory of evolution?”

Read more about these stunning discoveries at:

Revised and edited 12/18 /2009


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2 Responses to Manipulated information: Paleontology

  1. Tony J. Bowe says:

    Read about that irreverseable complexity the other day…. something, huh?


  2. Mark Hodges says:

    I was aware of irreducible complexity, which basically introduces the same problem, but I wasn’t aware of actual experiments with induced mutations to try and “reverse” the assumed process of evolution…It is amazing technology to be able to do that


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