Erasmus’ First Rule

Follows a quote from the great Catholic scholar, Erasmus, from his “Handbook for the Militant Christian”. This is an edited for brevity portion of the “First Rule”, of twentytwo rules found in the handbook.

“Now since faith is the only gateway to Christ, the first rule I would lay down is that we ought to lay great reliance on the Scriptures… The fact that majority of mankind considers heaven and hell as somekind of legend or old wives tale ought not to disturb you. Even if the entire world appear mad, even though the angels revolt and the very elements change, the truth cannot lie. What God has foretold must inevitably take place. If you believe God exists, then you must believe that He speaks the truth. Convince yourself that nothing you perceive with your senses is as true as what you read in Scripture. The will of heaven, truth itself, has inspired it; the prophets of old have made it known; the blood of the Martyrs has proved it; and the constant belief of countless generations has testified to it. Christ Himself in His life here below has exemplified its pervading truth. Even the demons have confessed its veracity since they believe in it just as much as they fear it.”


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