And the Two shall Become One Flesh: the American Marriage Crisis

Gen. 2:24 Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and cleave unto his wife and the two shall become one flesh.

In an article promoting National Marriage Week, Sheila Weber wrote;    “Marriage is in crisis. A new Marriage Index released in October, 2009 reports that in 1970 nearly 80 percent of all adult Americans were married; today that has dropped to 57 percent. The Marriage Index also reports that today 40 percent of all American children are born out of wedlock, with 70 percent of babies in African-American families born without a married mother and father. Why should we care? Because marriage is the best way to overcome poverty, and it is proven as the best circumstance for raising children. Research overwhelmingly shows that lack of marriage or divorce impoverishes women and children. In addition, boys reared apart from their father are twice as more likely to spend time in prison by age 32 as those who were raised in a married home headed by their own mother and father. Teenage girls who are raised by their own father are much more likely to resist the advances of boys or young men who do not have their best interests at heart. In fact, 35 percent of adolescent girls whose father left before the age of six became pregnant, compared to just 5 percent of girls who were raised by their mother and father. Research also overwhelmingly makes the case that married folks live longer, enjoy better health, greater personal happiness, more well-adjusted children, and greater financial stability.” (All research references can be found at

This article doesn’t even mention all the new STD’s that have shown up since the post sixties sexual “Enlightenment”. It doesn’t even mention HIV or the tremendous cost this has put on society.

Can a nation persist and thrive once the Biblical foundation of marriage and sex in general been undermined and cast aside in favor of the more eclectic and sophisticated approach of modern feminism? The welfare movement which started in the sixties and also provided easier access to contraception actually led to an increase in divorce, crime and poverty in the inner cities and elsewhere.

Have women become less “sex objects” now than they were in the pre- sixties? I really don’t think so. Sex is now everywhere, the main theme of every new hip tv show being eaten up by the thirty and under group. They love it.  Sex outside of marriage and homosexuality are the biggest jokes in the world. HIV? just a random happening. 40% birth rate out of wedlock? Hey, they should give out easier access to contraceptives. It’s the conservative Christians who are causing all the trouble, with their judgmental life styles.  But access to free contraception is at an all time high, there was no such thing prior to the 1960’s sexual revolution.

However, how long can a nation last that has cost off marriage as having any connection with God or the Bible or with morality period?  Everyone has a story. But we will bankrupt ourselves paying for the dozens of new STD’s, free contraception, single parent boys in prison, plummeting education standards due to single parent kids as well as all the other results of dysfunction associated with single parenting.

” There is a need to develop all the virtues that have the state for their sphere of action; but these virtues are but dust in a windy street unless back of them lie the strong and tender virtues of one man for one woman and on their joyous and fearless acceptance of their common obligation to the children that are theirs.” Roosevelt [1]

“For marriage is not a trifling matter; but it is the most serious and most important matter in the whole world, because it is the source of human society and of the human race. Life in its entirety has nothing that excels it in worth” Luther [2]

In a culture that worships celebrity and wealth and places sexual beauty or attractiveness above all, how do we encourage people to pursue marriage and fidelity? How do we strengthen our single mothers to persist in their daily uphill grind and seemingly thankless battle? I think Luther had the answer and attitude, but he derived these from the Bible.  Can we continue to undermine the Bible, and deride its morals as narrow and really expect success in turning our culture around? Do we continue to allow atheistic paganism to control the moral debate in the name of religious neutrality and a misuse of the “separation clause’? And what kind of effect is the modern church having on society?

Free condoms for everyone! Probably not the answer.  If welfare really did more damage then good, handing out free condoms may not pay off either.

[1] Theodore Roosevelt, Autobiography, 1924, p.vii

[2] Luther’s Works, American Edition, Vol. 4, 221-2.)




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