Battle Over Texas Textbook Standards Heats Up, Update

Global Citizens or American?

It appears the battle I wrote about in my “Are parts of American History Unconstitutional?” post, is heating up in Texas, and all the more so because apparently Texas sets the bar for the rest of the countries standards.  

Follow up: I watched news coverage of this today and bus loads of college students have been brought in to save the textbooks from the fundamentalists and many are claiming that the original standards were not in anyway slanted. However, according to Barton, and he quoted directly from the boards writers and he is on the board, an effort was being made intentionally to tone down Americas original religious roots. He mentioned:  “the writers insisted that any mention of,  “American love of individualism, inventiveness, and freedom” or any specific beliefs that shaped our national identity, would be “sending the wrong message”.

Of course I’m not on the board and don’t know the entire story. I find following textbook standards scuff ups almost as boring and predictable as the standards writers manage to make history, once they’re done editing it. Even if this particular board was not trying to suppress certain truths about the early puritan founders, they would be just about the first text book writers in the last 50 years that weren’t. I feel the sorriest for the college kids who after 12-16 years of brain washing and carefully selected history are so easily duped into cooperating with those who are, aware or unaware, busily “suppressing the truth in unrighteousness”.[ Rom 1:18-20]  I have never met a kid from a public school in recent years who [from the textbook alone] learned the role christianity played in the birth of modern science in Europe[see the post or page, the Historical roots of Modern Science, this blog], the role the reformation played in public education, the role the puritans played in the development of democracy in England, the US and elsewhere, why the first hospitals, orphanages, and almost all medical break throughs had their start in Europe and no where else. How slavery was first banished in the Christian nations and only then elsewhere, in fact, it still hasn’t been outlawed in many Muslim nations to this day. I’ve always found it interesting that those who say they believe that all truth is relative, spend so much time and energy in trying to suppress it. Or, maybe because they don’t believe a God of truth exists, they actually think they can succeed in shaping it to better serve their agenda. Thankfully, the Creator is still on the throne, and though quite invisible, all powerful.


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  1. Barton? David Barton? Is this the same discredited “historian” that published the Jefferson Lies?


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