Netanyahu; Not Being a Good Boy?

The following is a press release;

“During Netanyahu’s frosty visit, “the U.S. made clear it is looking for steps to increase confidence and show commitment to the process,” said Mark Toner, the deputy State Department spokesman. Earlier Wednesday, the Obama administration challenged Israel to explain yet another announced plan to expand Jewish housing in east Jerusalem, the same issue that soured U.S.-Israeli relations ahead of Netanyahu’s three-day visit to Washington this week.” [end of press release]

I am still trying to understand how the U.S. has the right to dictate where the Israelis, victors of 5 wars. can build apartments in their own capital. They just won’t follow the US  “road plan”(which didn’t start with the current president)  Such chutzpah, they are so stubborn…  Am I missing something or does it appear that our state department considers the Palestinians (Hamas) equally valid as a negotiator? Haven’t they read Hamas’ mission statement? We would not negotiate with an enemy like that any more than we would negotiate with Hitler. But, I know, we’re supposed to pretend that they are as honorable in their intentions and actions as the Israelis. The problem isn’t on the Israeli side. In candid moments the Palestinians have admitted they are treated better by the Israelis and in Israel than they are by their Arab brethren in Arab countries. If the Palestinians ever expressed a heart-felt desire to live in peace with Israel, they would have it with in weeks. But instead, for over 50 years they have expressed a passionate desire for the extermination of Israel. When given land by Israel, they quickly set up a rocked launcher on it. As Christians, we should resist the temptation to support any presidents efforts to treat the tiny nation of Israel, surrounded by belligerants, like a naughty child caught in a school yard scrap.


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