Of Mice and Men, and Bananas

Comparison of Human DNA Homology with that of Mice and Bananas Helps Put the Over Reported Human/Chimpanzee Similarity into Perspective and Shows How Selective Use of Evidence by Evolutionists can Mislead the Public.

According to a Nature article; “The 2.5-Gb mouse genome sequence reported on page 520, from the C57BL/6J strain, reveals about 30,000 genes, with 99% having direct counterparts in humans…. Humans appear to have about the same number of genes, with similar sequence, and we both like cheese.” [the mouse genome, Nature 420, 509 (5 December 2002) | doi:10.1038/Human biology by proxy,Chris Gunter & Ritu Dhand]

Again; “Roughly 99 percent of mouse genes have a functional equivalent in the human genome. 5 percent of both mouse and human DNA has remained largely unchanged — more than scientists expected.”  (Source: National Human Genome Research Institute)(pg. A40)

Another source says, Cats have 90% of homologous genes with humans, 82% with dogs, 80% with cows, 79% with chimpanzees, 69% with rats and 67% with mice.  http://genome.cshlp.org/content/17/11/1675.full#T1 [see table 1]

And not to leave the lowly banana out; When we think of a banana and a person, it’s easy to assume that their DNA molecules might be different. In fact, the actual structure of the DNA molecule and how it codes for proteins is the same from bacteria to yeast to plants and animals.” [Ask a Geneticist by Flo Pauli, Stanford University] ; http://www.thetech.org/exhibits/online/ugenetics/ask.php?id=83

and,Even the DNA of plants is similar to that of humans. We share 60% of our DNA with a banana.http://www.makingthemodernworld.org.uk/stories/defiant_modernism/01.ST.02/?scene=6&tv=true

Furthermore it has been recently stated;

“For about 23% of our genome, we share no immediate genetic ancestry
with our closest living relative, the chimpanzee” (Ebersberger, et al., 2007). They also state:

…in two-thirds of the cases a genealogy results in which humans and chimpanzees are
not each other’s closest genetic relatives. The corresponding genealogies are incongruent
with the species tree. In accordance with the experimental evidences, this implies that
there is no such thing as a unique evolutionary history of the human genome. Rather, it
resembles a patchwork of individual regions following their own genealogy…”Ebersberger, I., et al. (2007). Mapping human genetic ancestry. Molec. Biol. Evol. 24:2266-2276.

“~40% of the alignments provide no clear support for a single branching pattern”


“6 million years of separation, the difference in MSY gene content in chimpanzee and
human is more comparable to the difference in autosomal gene content in chicken and
human, at 310 million years of separation” Hughes, J.F., et al. (2010). Chimpanzee and human Y chromosomes are remarkably divergent in structure and gene content. Nature 463:536-539

Not looking so good for Charlie Darwin’s atheistic world view.




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9 Responses to Of Mice and Men, and Bananas

  1. James says:

    Mark, why are you posting these articles? Is there a point you are trying to make?


    • notmanynoble says:

      Um, James, this is my blog, I’d rather perfer to post at will, if you don’t mind. Do these post bother you? Why? I went to various Human genome websites, to check out overall similarity between basic animal kinds, and was surpised at the high level of homology between human and plant, mammal, even insects. It’s interesting though that homology between animals believed to be further away from men are called analogous instead of Homlogous. You didn’t answer my last comment so I didn’t know if you were still around or gone.


  2. James says:

    I asked as it is just a long list. I wondered what you were trying to say by it. Why do you think there is such high levels of homology among all living organisms?


    • notmanynoble says:

      Well, I don’t believe in spontaneous generation, that dead matter forms itself into biological machines, but instead that God created all the basic kinds supernaturally and then commanded them to reproduce after their own kind. This doesnt violate the law of biogenesis and it also fits quite well with what we can observe on the planet today and in the fossil record, discreet groups of animals which can be easily classified. He made them out of the same earth, to live in the same overall enviroment, breath the same air for the most part, and He often used similar design for similar functions, similar proteins, chromosomes, molecular machines, as he saw fit. When I was a kid, a GM car part could be fit into buicks, cadillacs, chevys, etc., but the cars were designed that way. How do you explain the extensive homology?


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  4. Debby says:

    Yesterday I noticed randomly that:
    The mouse genus is mus
    The banana genus is musa
    When I searched for “mouse and banana” on Google, your post came up.

    My 19-year-old has recently told me that he is an atheist. I am a dedicated Christian and have raised him that way. His reason is because of Dawkins , Hitchens, and other evangelistic atheists that he is being exposed to in college. I look for signposts of God in my life and finding your blog is one of those for me. Maybe you wrote it last Spring so I would find hope in it in the Fall (of the year and of my son!). Thanks for your blog, and please pray for my son Kevin.


  5. Ricky Tinks says:

    On the issue of genetic similarity, it was estimated that mankind and chimps are 98.3% the same and that our haemoglobin is about 98% the same. Well, a cloud, a water melon and a jellyfish are all about 98% the same, that is 98% water, but that 2% makes a big difference. Genes from a person’s own Father and Mother are at a maximum only 93% similar. Many other animals have similar haemoglobin to humans, including slime moulds …
    In fact the similarities between humans and chimps have been revised downwards, recent studies by evolutionists have suggested that human to chimp similarities are more like 95%.


  6. notmanynoble says:

    Good points, Ricky, thanks.


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