The Law of Entropy and the Resurrection of the Jewish Messiah

The first law of thermodynamics states that the total amount of energy in the universe is constant, no more can be created nor can any be destroyed.

The second law of thermodynamics states that the spontaneous flow of energy is from high to low quality, from a more complex usable form to an unusable form. In example, light flows from the sun in wave lengths and particles (photons) which plants can metabolize and turn into chemical energy and heat which then passes through the chain of life and is eventually released as a low quality, unusable form of heat.

This law of entropy affects more than just energy, it also affects all the biological systems, forcing them inexorably from order to disorder, from oganization to disorganization, from life to death. Eventually this law sentences the entire universe to a big, flat, heat death. Everything is dying. Left to its own, all usable energy and life, no matter how intelligent, ceases. Even facebook and the internet will fall silent.

Moses anticipates this in the book of Genesis with the fall of man and the Curse in the Garden of Eden. In Psalm 102:26 David talks of the heavens and earth that are waxing old “like a garment”, long before modern man developed the 2nd Law.

I was listening to a biology professor explain this law to a class of students at a secular college. Many of them displayed signs of shock and unbelief on their faces and some of them looked a little depressed as they left the room for break that day. I don’t think too many were asking the questions like, how could energy cause life, when it takes life to utilize energy. In other words with out the machinery being there first, (the complex machine that handles sunlight called photosynthesis) sunlight and all energy forms are destructive. Or, how could dead, disorganized matter suddenly defy the laws of entropy, information theory and the 1st law of biology, and form itself into supremely complex life?

But the professor had been blunt and honest and a few of them looked a little disgruntled. And I’m not surprised. Many of the popular religions today, like the Asian religions, either accept evolution or simply ignore the problem of the formation of life. Or exactly  how the whole thing got rolling….down hill.

But Christianity doesn’t have that problem, though it seems like such a boring little religion to those brought up in a nation which was formed in it, but has long since began to cast around for something new. Christianity not only explains how everything got rolling, and how it started rolling down hill, but it also points to the one person who has the power to reverse the down hill roll. He gave us a glimpse of the power when he raised himself from the dead, 2000 years ago. Before he was killed, he said, speaking of his own life, ” I have the power to lay it down, and I have the power to take it up again.” (John 10:18). He also said, “Destroy this temple and in three days I will raise it up.” (John 2:19). After he died and his disciples began to proclaim his resurrection and empty tomb, authorities had ample opportunity to produce a body. And his thousands of largely Jewish followers had every opportunity to recant and admit they had stolen the body (if that had been true) before they were tortured to death with out mercy by Roman magistrates. But no admission of that sort came forward.

I know, such an oft repeated and old story.  A man who claimed to have the power to reverse the law of entropy or the 2nd law of thermodynamics, and who actually displayed the power publicly. And we look elsewhere.

Buddha didn’t talk of god, but after his death, some of his followers began to suggest that he was actually God incarnate. They said that even though he had been seen to die, perhaps God had just discarded his illusory body. But the ancient Jewish scriptures proclaimed that the Messiah would be from “everlasting”, a word only attributed to God, and so were proclaiming him as God incarnate long before he ever walked the streets of Bethlehem.(Micah 5:2) He was not a surprise or an afterthought, he was expected. His followers claimed his was the only name under heaven by which mankind could be saved. [Acts 4:12]

So politically incorrect. So un-multicultural and worse, so unsophisticated and old fashioned.  And yet, He was powerful enough to reverse the law of entropy. Think about it folks, the cure for rabies and the discovery of antibiotics came from France and France alone. Yet Pasteurs discovery has saved countless lives in every part of the globe. Airplanes and trains came from America and Europe and the internal- combustion engine was invented in America alone. The use of antiseptics and sanitation arose unrivaled in England and Northern Europe. Isn’t it possible that the cure for Entropy came from the Jews, alone? They have more Nobel prizes for Medicine than anyone else, by far. Being politically correct is an inexpensive way to appear sophisticated and avoid being a target…But is it really worth missing out on the cure for entropy for?


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