The Failure of Atheism’s god

The Failure of Atheism’s God: He Can Make Rocks, But He Can’t Pick Them Up

If you have taken a philosophy course at a government funded college, you may have heard the old canard against theism; if god can’t make a rock so big he is unable pick it up, then he is not omnipotent. Never mind that if there was a rock so big that God couldn’t move it, that would prove he isn’t all powerful, not the opposite. Remember in the world of Atheism, logic does not universally apply.

With that in mind let’s get into our space craft and travel into the galaxy in search of the God of the religion of Atheism and ask him some questions. After traveling beyond the speed of light for sometime we at last reach a place in the heavens where the laws of logic don’t apply, and there we find trudging along, with a large copy of Darwin’s Origin of Species on his back, the god of atheism.


“Good day, sir!” We greet him and he replies, “ That depends on how you define good”.

 We say, “ Absolutely.”

And he snaps back, “There are no absolutes!”

“Um, yes sir“, we say in deference to his great power.

“Where are you going?”

 “Oh, I made a rock so big I couldn’t move it out there, but I can’t remember where and I’m looking for it.”, he says.

“That’s great“, we say. “Thank you“, he replies.

 “Are there other things you’ve created that you can’t support, to prove your omnipotence?” we ask.

 “Oh yes“, he say’s “many. I created an entire creation story for my religion which I am totally unable to support by scientific testing or predictions“.

“Wow“, we say, “can you give us a few examples“?

“Well “, he says, looking slightly flustered, “I haven’t been able to come up with a mutation that actually adds meaningful information to the genome.”

” But I’m working on it,“, he flashes us a look.

“And I haven’t been able to get dead matter to form itself into living biological machines, either.”

“Oh,” we say, “that would violate the first law of biology!”

 “ Laws are just the conventions of men!” he reminds us.

“Sorry,” we reply.

“And,” he proudly states, “ I have totally failed to explain how life could start and gain complexity and information in the face of the law of entropy“.

“But there are no universal laws!” we interject.

“Shut up,” he says.

“Hey, its been great talking to you,” we tell him.

 “What ever,” he replies.

And as he turns to walk away, we couldn’t help but notice he looks strangely like a man.

Professing to be wise they became fools and changed the the glory of the incorruptible God into an image like corruptible man…” Romans 1:22,23


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2 Responses to The Failure of Atheism’s god

  1. “if god can’t make a rock so big he is unable pick it up, then he is not omnipotent. Never mind the fact that if there was a rock so big that God couldn’t move it, that would prove he was not all powerful, not the opposite.”

    It’s a simple dilemma that you’re getting confused about. Can God create a rock so large that he couldn’t lift it?
    Two options:
    1. He can create a rock so large that he could not lift it.
    2. He cannot create a rock so large that he could not lift it.

    Option 1: He is not all powerful because there exists a rock that he cannot lift.
    Option 2: He is not all powerful because God cannot create such a rock.

    The conclusion, either way, is that God is not all powerful.

    I don’t use this argument myself, but it’s perfectly coherent.


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