Tea Party Warriors

Tea Party Warriors; lacking consistencyIs it not inconsistent to go to Tea Parties and talk about taking back the civil government and holding it accountable when we refuse to hold our own churches accountable to the basic truths of Scripture? Church leaders refuse to recognize the importance of Genesis to the origin of death and sin and it’s relation to the sacrifice of Christ, and biblical teachings on marriage, divorce and gender roles that confront direct cultural attacks on these God given institutions are ignored. Yet we look the other way, afraid to challenge the powers that be. Why should God help Christians restore the nation to justice and righteousness if Christians are too comfortable or timid to hold the church accountable to Scripture?


[This blog is intended only for those tea partiers who express a commitment to Christ and His Scriptures, not those outside the faith, as I in no way want to discourage them in their effort to bring the government back under control and answerable to both the people, the constitution in its original intent, fiscal responsibility and to the general Christian morality on which this nation was founded


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