The First Religion of China

If Genesis is Real History, Existing and Past Cultures Should Have Creation and Flood Histories Similar to the Bible; Do They?

There are so many examples of the Bible meeting its historical predictions in this way, the problem is in deciding which to choose, not a lack of evidence. Dr. Ava Ford, of Chinese ancestry, noted in an Acts and Facts article (1) how she began to explore her Chinese roots and history in search of evidence that corroborated the book of Genesis.

She states that the Chinese have been keeping track of history carefully from about 2205 BC, the time of the Hsia Dynasty. She discovered that the ancient record known as Feng-shu T’ung-yi tells of a man called Nu-wa, from whom all people on earth are descended. Interestingly, the Bible says that all people are descended from a man called Noah. Another well known set of manuscripts from that epoch is known as the, Shu-jing (the book of history), which records the prayers and praises given by a long list of Emperors during the Annual Border Sacrifice. This event took place yearly when the ancient Chinese rulers brought all their people together to worship the one true God and Creator of the Universe, Shang-Di. That the first religion of ancient China was that of the genesis-like god, Shang Di, is a fact well known but often skirted by modern college textbooks. Most still make a passing reference to it but always fail to elaborate, for obvious reasons.

Below is just one example from the Ancient Chinese prayers to Shang-Di, note its similarity to both the book of Genesis  and the Psalms of King David

.“Of old in the beginning, there was the great chaos, with out form and dark.The five elements had not begun to revolve or the sun or moon to shine.In the midst thereof there existed neither form or sound.

Thou, O spiritual Sovereign camest forth in Thy Presidency, and first did divide the grosser parts from the purer. Thou madest heavens; Thou madest Earth; Thou madest Man. All things with their reproductive power got their being.”

This is just one more example of how recorded history gives credence to the remarkable histories recorded in Genesis. The Scripture predicts that this kind of literature and history would exist among all the peoples of the earth, just as it also predicted, long before the study of DNA and genetics, that all the peoples of the Globe would be found to be closely related genetically. A fact that runs so contrary to the beliefs and predictions of the early evolutionists, that the recent findings in human DNA would have stunned Darwin and his followers.

(1) Ford, Ava, Acts and Facts, Nov. 2008, p 4

(2) Legge, James, The Notions of the Chinese concerning God and Spirits, Hong Kong register office, 1852, p.28


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