Boone on Providence

Daniel Boone on the Providence of God
  Few people think of legendary frontiersmen and folk heroes such as Daniel Boone or Davey Crockett as being men steeped in the knowledge of the Bible or even as being Christians. This is due more to revisionism than anything else because both were fluent in the Scriptures and quoted them often. The following is from a biography of Boone written by himself. I believe he had a little literary help on this particular paragraph, the opener, because though literate, the words used may have been beyond his normal capacity. However that Boone thought in the terms of Providence in every part of life cannot be denied.  His strong Quaker upbringing never left him and this can be found throughout his life and writings.



 “Curiosity is natural to the soul of man, and interesting objects have a powerful influence on our affections. Lo, these influencing powers actuate, by the permission or disposal of Providence, from selfish or social views, yet in time the Mysterious will of Heaven is unfolded, and we behold our conduct, from whatsoever motives excited, operating to answer the important design of Heaven,”(1)




(1)  Daniel Boone, His own story.










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2 Responses to Boone on Providence

  1. Lance Ponder says:

    I read Crocket’s autobiography. It was funny, but also deeply moving. I recall one of the greatest stories in the book involved his work as a congressman and meeting a constituent who threatened to vote against him for using tax money for charity. At first we think it is a good thing to use tax money this way, but upon reading Crocket’s account I as deeply moved and changed and understood the importance of personal responsibility, personal charity, and the moral obligations and limitations of government. I would highly recommend it to everyone.


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