Reflections on Being a Grandfather

On Becoming a Grandfather


I still remember the day well enough. I spent it in a daze almost as thick as the gloom and drizzling rain coming down all around the cars and people gathered at the grave yard for the final act in the funeral process; putting the body in the ground.

The funeral director approached, shook my hand clumsily and said, ” I’m sorry, I forgot to ask you earlier, do you want the wedding ring taken off her finger, or should we bury her with it on?” Not really knowing what to say and caught off guard any way, I said, “Leave it on.”

Five or six days before that cold early January morning, I had gathered all my children together, three little ones and one eleven year old and told them that their Mother had died of cancer and would be going to be with her Heavenly Father. Naturally this is a incalculable amount of information for a one year old, a five year old and a seven and eleven year old to process and I could only hope that God’s grace would some how cover it.

Thus began a journey, that even though God’s grace did punctuate it and cover it, of no small amount of adversity. And then, many unbelievers and believers alike seemed to be asking, “Well, where is her God now?” I mean she was known for being a woman of prayer and kindness and gentleness, and look what happened. At the young age of 35 she is struck down with cancer and her children are stripped of their mother. And the father an unimpressive maverick. What good could come out of all that? they asked. And who could blame them, they were dark and gloomy circumstances.

However, run ahead 20 years, the last night of this January , Where in a birthing room in Pittsburgh Pa. a young father was being handed a beautiful new-born baby girl, just delivered by her gorgeous young mother. The little baby girl has beautiful black curly hair and blue eyes, at this point anyway, just like her grandmother, and her name? Mary Lou.

Marylou Oliver Hodges. One beautiful little baby girl and one example of God’s providence working behind the scenes and the dark clouds. I hate to sound pollyanish, but I think I see the hand of God working in this happy circumstance, just like I had to accept His providence in her grandmothers unhappy cicumstance. Somehow the two are inexhorably tied together, though 20 years intervened, in my mind at least. And in a fitting way, her beauty still speaks through her daughters and grandaughters.

And no baby girl is as pretty as the Hodges baby girls, that much I can guarantee. All I can say at this moment is Yeeeeeeeeee Hawwwww!Throw out the rug and break out the Jug….I’ve got a baby grand daughter! Sola Deo Gloria



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