The Six Day War: The Land War; Day 1 thru 6

1 Chronicles 12: 8;

“They were brave warriors, battle ready and able to handle the shield and spear. Their faces were like the faces of lions and they were able to run like the gazelles upon the mountains.”

(Comment; the following is meant to be a brief timeline, to give an overall sense of scope and timing of the war. It’s not meant to play down or minimize the fierceness or intensity of the battles, many which were epic armored duels and infantry engagements played out in furnace like desert heat.)

June 5

Egyptian Front; Israels advance into the Sinai was carried out by 3 armored divisions, as well as infantry and paratroopers. The northern most, under General Tal, the central under Yoffe, and the southern division under Ariel Sharon. At 8:15 Gen. Tal’s armored division had crossed southern Gaza and had engaged in a fierce fight towards Rafiah, the 7th brigade arrived at Khan Yunis. By 1700  Israeli tanks were near El Arish and mopping up in Rafiah. Yoffe’s armored division is at the Bir Al Lachfan Junction at 18:30

The Jordanian Front

At 9:15  Jordan begins shelling Jerusalem and central Israel. The Jerusalem Brigade captures the UN HQ in Jerusalem at 1300. At 1500 the Israeli 45th armored crosses the border near Ta’ anach. By 1900 the Israelis have taken the fortified positions of Tsur Baher and Pa’ amon, as well as Radar and Sheikh Abd al Aziz.

June 6 

 Egyptian Front

Gen. Sharon completes conquest of Umm el Katef and Afu Ageilah. At 1200, Yoffe and Tal’s divisions link up, conquest of Gaza complete. By end of day Ras Naqueb and Jahel Libni are taken and the Egyptian Army is issued an order to general retreat.

Jordanian Front

The police fort at Latun is captured by the 55th brigade and the 4th armored Division, the Jerusalem-Ramallah rd. is cut off by the 10th division, and Jenin is entered. By end of day, despite a counter attack by Jordan, North east Jerusalem is captured, Qualquilya and Ramallah are taken and the Jordanian Army orders a general retreat.

June 7

Egyptian Front

9 am, Bir al hasno taken. 11:oo, Al Qazima conquered, and Israeli Navy at Sharm Al Shiekh. By end of day Bir Gafgafa is under Israeli control and mitleh pass is taken to block Egyptian retreat. Nasser refuses UN peace initiative.

Jordanian Front

Old Jerusalem retaken, Zahida-aqaba taken, Tul karm and Sechem taken, Mar Elias monastery taken, as well as Gush Elzion and Jericho taken. Final retreat ordered by Jordan.

June 8

Egyptian Front

Gen. Tal’s vanguard attacked by Egyptian reserve units, Kuntilah conquered, Jiddi pass taken.  At 1500 Egypt accepts cease-fire.

Jordanian Front

At 6:30 Am IDF takes Hebron.

Syrian Front

Syria has been shelling Israel since before start of war. IAF attacks Syrian positions in the Golan Heights in preparation for “Operation Hammer”.

 June 9

Syrian Front

Moshe Dayan orders attack on Golan Heights, Operation Hammer. 12:36, IDF conquers Tell Hallal.  Tell Aziat at 1700. By 18:30 the Tal Fahr bunkers are taken after bloody fight and Zaura-Kala compound is captured.

June 10; Syrian Front

Jalabina and Kuneitra fall, then Mas’ada. Cease fire agreement reached at 18:30.

Aftermath and signifigance of Six Day war following.


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