The Six Day War: Aftermath and Significance

Psalm 62:3-6 (partial)

“How long will you assault a man, that you may throw him down, like a leaning wall or a tottering fence? They have counseled together to throw him down from his high place. They delight in falsehood, they bless with their mouths, but inwardly they curse. Selah.”

“My soul, wait in silence for God only, my hope is in Him. He alone is my rock and my salvation, and my stronghold, I shall not be shaken.”


“Our airmen, who struck the enemies’ planes so accurately that no one in the world understands how it was done and people seek technological explanations or secret weapons; our armored troops who beat the enemy even when their equipment was inferior to his; our soldiers in all other branches…who overcame our enemies everywhere, despite the latter’s superior numbers and fortifications-all these revealed not only coolness and courage in the battle but…an understanding that only their personal stand against the greatest dangers would achieve victory for their country and for their families, and that if  victory was not theirs the alternative was annihilation.”  Yishak Rabin

[Yishak Rabin was given the honor of officially naming the war. He could have called it the June 1967 war, or some other title, but chose the Six Day War, in allusion to the 6 days of the Creation week]

The Immediate Aftermath

Israel had tripled its overall land size. After just six days of fighting, Israels armies had an open road into the capitals of Syria, Jordan, and Egypt. No army of any significance stood in their way. It’s true, the Soviets who had supplied so much support and even military oversight in the field to the Arabs, were threatening to intervene. But for them to have done so would have assuredly drawn in the U.S. armed forces as well, and it would have been difficult for Russia to justify such a move as anything more than a land grab for the oil fields. There was really nothing stopping Israel from using her control of the skies and military presence to at least make sure that every army barracks, every air field, every munitions dump, every military supply factory was completely wiped out. Instead meetings were held on a plan to give back land in exchange for peace with her neighbors. This was done before the UN resolution 242, and the Israelis were seeking help with this from the US government.

The Significance

This war was fought 44 years ago, why bring it up now? Well, in a war for truth, knowing the history of a situation never hurts. We have a new generation now. One grown up with out knowledge of Israels beginnings or of its wars. The roar of words coming from the internet and TV and other media about Israel is not unlike a raging storm, fueled by words like, “occupation”, “occupiers”, “mistreatment of Palestinians”. “Israeli Nazis”, etc. etc. Hollywood movie star after Hollywood movie star can’t wait to be the next in line to publicly express their angst for the “plight of Palestinian people”. And no small number of Jews themselves are willing to chip in and jump on the popular band wagon. Many would deny it, but anti-Israelism has become the new anti-Semitism, or at least a very persuasive argument could be made for such a charge.

Try to keep in mind, that while there are dozens of Arab nations, many fairly new, there is only one Jewish Nation. And the hatred for this small nation by its neighbors precedes their “occupation” of the Sinai, or the Golan Heights, or the West Bank, or Gaza. It is also significant that Israel’s Arab neighbors, in unfaltering unity, were calling for the absolute annihilation of the Jewish Nation, before Israel controlled any of these territories. Israel took those territories only after being threatened quite openly about her very existence. The Arabs were a little more open in 1967 about their true feelings towards Israel. Now they usually only repeat such things off international media. But that they do repeat the same feelings of animosity and desire for Israels complete destruction, almost daily, is easy to document. But let’s try to be clear, and if possible, honest. Israels enemies were not calling for a readjustment of borders, or more open trade with Israel. They were calling for the annihilation of Israel, a complete end of her existence.

And yet Israel almost immediately sought to gain peace by returning the captured land.  She never called for the destruction or annihilation of her enemies, even though when land has been given back to her enemies, they generally use it to launch rockets at her. But enough of the facts, people find them so easy to ignore.

There are more ways in which the Isreali-Arab Six Day war is significant. For me personally as a young man, totally non churched and non-Christian, one of the Goyim, the Six Day war marked one of the few times I can remember realizing that the God of the Bible may actually exist. I was 16 and remember reading the papers about the war, and getting the feeling that many hoped and believed that at last the nasty problem with the Nation of Israel would finally come to an end. And yet when the stunning conclusion had been played out and the news reached home, I remember thinking, a little densely, “Aren’t Israel and the Jewish people somehow tied to the Bible?” Yeah, I was truly a Goyim. I have met Arabs who began their journey from Muslim to Christian on the strength of the Six Day War, as well.

I also believe that during those days in June of 1967, the God of Israel gave them more supernatural help than usual, perhaps giving us a small preview of what He will do in the days to come, such as talked about in Zechariah 12;

“On that day the LORD will protect the inhabitants of Jerusalem, so that the feeblest among them will (fight) like David, and the House of David will be like God, like the Angel of the LORD going before them.”

Israel’s people are not perfect. Nor do I believe that they were chosen as a nation because they were somehow superior to the rest of the nations. However, they are special because they are chosen. That they have been blessed because of this is true, but it also has been a heavy burden. However God Himself will someday lift and remove that burden, and it might be the better part of wisdom not to foolishly add to it.  God will protect His people, both in and outside of Israel. And He will protect the land He has given to them.

Jeremiah 31;10, “He who scattered Israel will gather him, and will keep him as a Shepherd keeps his flock.”



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