Gianna Jesson, Saline abortion survivor

Have been trying to post this all day on fb, no go for some reason so I’ll blog it; Here is the link;

Gianna Jesson, Saline abortion survivor. I want to keep this link to be available, so I’m reposting it on my wall. Some might find this girl distasteful, or shocking, I kind of find her inspiring. Does she come on a little too strong for you? You’d be enthusiastic too if you had survived a saline abortion. And make no mistake about it, the abortion industry is a direct product of the liberal wing of the democratic party and squawk though they may, they are its support and anchor. If babies in the womb could cast a vote, and thus be bought off, every liberal politician in America, Obama included, would be down at the abortion clinics protesting abortion, just like I used to.

But thats the problem. Babies cant vote. They can’t hire a lawyer. They have no means of self defense or retribution against those who would enter their womb and destroy them. They can’t give contributions, legal or otherwise to their favorite politician. They are without a doubt the weakest and most defenseless and powerless humans on the face ot the earth. Therefore, to a liberal politician, they are a non-entity. And just like the slave owners right to private property, the womans right to privacy cannot be contravened for a mere non-entity.

The slaves had a white champion in men like Wilburforce, and a black champion in a man like Dread Scott, or Frederick Douglass. Right now it appears that the unborn babies are without a champion.

I’m voting for Sarah Palin, on the strength of this issue alone. I don’t mind a dark horse. Which anti-abortion candidate are you voting for?


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14 Responses to Gianna Jesson, Saline abortion survivor

  1. cevon says:

    Good points


  2. business says:

    But they obviously have failed to properly analyze the reason for the national move to the right and are actually making the wrong moves even the worst moves they could make…..You see the primary reason the country is moving to the left is because the liberal preachers like Donahue are too good have convinced too many people to move too far left and the liberals got what they wanted. For example they got the legal abortions they wanted the free sex they wanted they got the police agencies to change from prosecuting drug users to prosecuting drug pushers which is why we are losing the war on drugs and have been trying to legalize euthanasia.


  3. my article says:

    I didn’t know that.


  4. over here says:

    I didn’t know that.


  5. my article says:

    Thank you for a great post.


  6. read this says:

    I didn’t know that.


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