The God of the 21st Century

Christian Democracies: Where the Government is Under God, or; Atheist or Marxist Societies: where the Government is god. Where are we now in the West?

As Christians. Who is Our God?

Is it a socialist goverment that meets all our needs? A government that feeds the masses, instead of allowing a environment where resources can be harvested and businesses can start and grow, first as family businesses and then hiring others? When the government feeds people, does that help create initiative?

Is the government the source of our provision, or is God the provider? Is the government the source of our human rights and dignity, or is God the source? It would seem from a biblical perspective (much scorned by many modern Christians) that in both questions, the government is not a sufficient or reliable answer.

Has pumping countless million and billions of dollars into the poor communities created high moral standards, self esteem, love of literacy and truth, sexual purity and hard working initiative and a vibrant economy? No? And yet history has shown that a people, no matter what color, culture, or stature, who embrace the Bible and the Bible’s God, will almost always obtain those desirable objectives in a fairly short time.

But we don’t want to tell the poor people that. That would be so untwentyfirst centuryish. It would be like we didn’t believe that all religions are equal,(except atheism, the most equal of them all) and so unpolitically correct, almost churlish. So instead of pointing them to the One True God, we point them to the next best thing, the false god of secular government, the newest Christian Idol. The thing is that the government, particulary when it has placed itself equal to or above God, is such a poor replacement. They always run out of money, though God never does. And then they encroach on more and more of public property and private as well, hiring more and more people to run their bureaucracies. And all these people need to be paid.

But God is able to give without taking.

Never the less, God told a angry Samuel, when informed that the people wanted a king to reign over them and take care of them, as all the heathen or gentiles had;

“Heed the voice of the people in all that they say. for they have not rejected you, but they have rejected Me, that I should not reign over them.” ! Samuel 8:7

Whether it’s a king or a big fat bureaucracy, it really amounts to the same thing. To chase after big government is to follow after a false god. In less than 100 years we appear to have totally spit the God of the Puritans out of our minds and hearts and created for ourselves a new one. Of course there are lots of other idols besides chasing after government; money, fame, social aspirations, power, etc., but it is one we would be wise to turn away from.

It didn’t work real well for the Israelites, nor even ultimately for the pagan Romans, I doubt it will do good for a post-Christian nation either.

Hey, I have a wild idea. Let’s exchange the big government thing for a smaller one, and replace it with Christian morality and a wholesale return to the God of the Bible, the God of our forefathers. I know that’s Nineteenth or Twentieth centuryish, and so against the flow. But it is the only thing that will actually work in the long run. We do not have to elect modern day Romans for presidents. Let’s put aside all the petty 21st century racism and be color blind. Let’s think, Christian worldview, like our forefathers, or Roman worldview, where government is god and has all the answers.

And let’s not vote Roman.

Have a great day


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