Abigail Ruth, the Girl They Wanted to Abort

Abigail Ruth, the Girl They Wanted to Abort

12-15-2009 12;47;23PM

Abigail’s Mother

‘For you formed me in my mothers womb… for I am fearfully and wonderfully made …My frame was not hidden from Thee, when I was made in secret…Your eyes saw my substance being yet unformed, and in Your book they were all written…” Psalm 139:13-16

In 1973, the U.S. Supreme Court, using pagan Rome for a precedent, claimed the power to suspend the right to life of unborn infants.

In 1989 in a San Antonio doctor’s office, an elderly doctor informs a young mother who has been diagnosed with Melanoma cancer, that she must abort the first trimester infant in her womb. The young mother, with 3 other children at home, steadfastly refuses. “Doctor”, she tells the practioner, ” the discussion of an abortion is off the table.” The elderly doctor is shaken by her composure and complete defiance in the face of almost certain death from Melanoma, a threat he had just outlined for her that he felt would be multiplied by carrying a baby to term.

A few weeks later, to his credit, the doctor went out of his way to call the young mother and tell her that after doing much research, he really couldn’t find a tie between pregnancy and a increased risk of death for a mother with melanoma. He had simply been following the normal protocol. When in doubt, abort the baby.

So this little baby survived the first attempt to label her as a troublesome non-entity without any natural rights or protection, and end her young existence before she even got out of the womb. And she showed remarkable evidence of providence and perserverance, because really, she wasn’t even supposed to have been concieved in the first place.

On receiving the first diagnosis, the young couple had decided to practice birth control in order to avoid conception during the moms battle with cancer. They decided to try the rhythm method and thus prevent any chance of conception. However, due to the incontinence of the father, which grieved him greatly, conception occurred. One slip, one baby on the way. The father beat himself up for weeks, day and night, on the job and off. Yet what could he do? The baby was on her way.

I think it was Winston Churchill who said after World War Two was over, that he had seen more sure sign of the providence of God in the mistakes he and his generals had made, then in their best laid plans. So I was to learn. The providence of god is something the U.S. government doesn’t concern itself with anymore, though that wasn’t always the case.

Some of you reading this have had the opportunity to know Abigail Ruth personally, how many of you think she should have been aborted? Would the world be a better place if she had never been concieved? I doubt it. But her trials weren’t over yet. Doctor after doctor stumbled around and tried to get the point across, that the mother was in dire straights. Finally the brother of a dear friend of mine, a very blunt straight forward Texan doctor, told me, “She’s dead, Mark. The cancer is fully mestatasized through her entire body, she’ s got 6 months maybe less.”

I remember bringing her home from the hospital after they had cut five incisions into her body cavity to try and remove the cancer. She rode home on her hands and knees in the back seat. Two day’s later she ripped 20 yards of Texas cedar (juniper) out of the apartments landscaping and replanted it with something else. And I do not exaggerate, as tough as old juniper brush can be to pull.

Six months was the prognosis, I had to do somthing. First, after days of fasting, I reminded the Lord that her youngest son was only 2 years old, and I asked Him to give the mother 3 more years, till he was at least 5. Then we packed up the family and moved to Michigan, which had been her favorite state to vacation in when she was a kid, and had a cooler climate.

After settling down there, she went to the doctors office for her first Michigan checkup. An older lady doctor, after a very short and curt examination told her, “this baby must be aborted.” In tears, the young mother said, “No thank you!” and spun on her heels and walked out. On receiving the bill for the less than 5 minute exam, a bill of over 250 dollars, I wrote the doctor back and asked if a third trimester abortion was legal in Michigan. I included no check. I never received a reply. Third trimester abortion are illegal in Michigan, like so many other states, but they are performed routinely anyway.

So this little girl survived the second attempt to end her small life and send her to the trash can. She was born in 1990, and her mother died the day after Christmas 1991, just after the baby was weaned. Abby was one year and one month old. The mother was buried almost three years to the week after the disease was diagnosed. Did a supernatural God answer the prayer of the young father? I think so.

The litlle girl survived and thrived, being very tolerant of a very maverick father. She survived largely because her mother was a flaming Evangelical. If she had been conceived before the mother turned to Christ, it’s almost certain that the young mother and father would not have had the courage or conviction to stave off the doctors and their ready solutions.

But we can’t blame the doctors or the young mothers, they are only acting on what has been sanctioned by their government. They have been taught that human life can be negated at certain ages, the ages being up to the government to decide. They have been taught that the government has the right to life, not God. Contrary to what the framers of the Constitution so clearly laid out in the Declaration of Independence.

We the people have failed them. How many more Abigails will have to be “terminated” before we decide to put the rogue government back into its constitutional cage? How many treasures have we lost while we while away the time buying new toys and cars, in the pursuit of happiness, while others are losing their right to life?

So many of these abortees have been little girls….what price are we willing to pay to avoid conflict?


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