The Strange Logic of Roe vs, Wade; Pagan Rome is Our Guide to Morality?

Don’t Ask for Whom the Bell Tolls, It Tolls for Thee.


In their arguments supporting the right for women to kill the small person inside of their wombs, one of the precedents the supreme court used was the fact that ancient Rome and Greece allowed abortion and infanticide;

“…”Abortion was practiced in Greek times as well as in the Roman Era…. Greek and Roman law afforded little protection to the unborn.” Roe vs Wade, 1973

Now this is interesting, because Rome did not recognize the right to life mentioned in the Declaration of Independence. The Declaration of Independence clearly speaks forth our founders faith that some rights were unalienable because they were God given. In Rome, the government was god. In fact a person could be executed for not worshiping Caesar, as a god.

Rome also did not recognize the rights of slaves, and as many historians have given witness to, they built Rome on the back of slavery. Only those of Judeo/christian societies ever recognized the evils of slavery and fought against it. So why did this errant bunch of lawyers, robed in the garments of the Supreme Court have to go to Rome to justify their case? Simply because every state in the union, as in all the original colonies, as in all of the Christian nations going back 2000 years; they had laws against infanticide and abortion.

The Christian nations had always protected the life of the unborn and infant. It was one of the striking differences between Christendom and paganism, and the mark of a more humane and kinder society. All life from conception to the grave was protected.

So there already was an over riding precedent in America going back to the founding of the nation and before, in the Colonies; abortion was considered a violation of the infants God given right to life.

Do you think that’s funny or a minor issue? Don’t. The Government of the United States has now set a precedent indicating they have the right to abrogate human life, without due process. Right now it’s babies from the day of conception to birth. Don’t buy the lie that it’s only for the first tri-mester. Infants are routinely aborted from the first trimester through birth,(partial birth abortion) and the same law and arguments that supports one, supports the other.

Who will be next? The old? The weak and infirm? The mentally handicapped? You? Yeah, it could be you. History shows that the first nations to legalize abortion were Stalin’s Russia and Hitler’s Germany. And look where they went. It was a bad day for Jews and anyone who wouldn’t bow their knee to the government.

Show some courage and fight now while you have the chance, with the power of the vote. Don’t support Roman senators for president or any office. Vote for those principles of life that this country was founded on. Our precedents should be those of our nations founders and based on their principles, not those of ancient Rome.

Have a great day.


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2 Responses to The Strange Logic of Roe vs, Wade; Pagan Rome is Our Guide to Morality?

  1. Tony says:

    Excellent article with a powerful premise and call to action. How can a country that champions “freedom” defend “liberty” without defending “life”? It is sad to see the decline of Christian America, and witness the effects that a culture permeated by an evolutoinary worldview has on all aspects of life, particularly the value thereof. Your call to action should not be taken lightly, and we should all recognize the tragedy that is a nation which does not defend the most defenseless members of society. As you noted, one can only imagine what may be next, particularly with atheistic and evolutionary programs like Planned Parenthood that actively promote eugenical practices such as abortion both in open and in secrecy.

    In Christ,



    • notmanynoble says:

      Good points. If we dont respect the lives of the smallest members of society, we wont respect it anywhere…if the baby is not safe in the mothers womb, no one will be safe anywhere. the question is, how long do we allow such a rank and foolish decision to stand?

      ps..I think your comment may be better then my post…hahaha


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