Book Review: Already Compromised by Ken Ham and Greg Hall

Like a Prophet of Old; Like Luther, Like Knox, Like Hus, Like Cromwell (and like Morris and Whitcomb), Ken Ham sounds the trumpet (again) against modern apostasy

Book Review: Already Compromised by Ken Ham and Greg Hall

Every once in a while a book comes around that is hard to do justice to in a review. The basic message of the book is long overdue, and deals with the increasing compromise of the study of Scripture in those colleges which call themselves Christian. While this isn’t a new problem, it’s one that has never been so squarely faced before in print, and I believe that it is almost impossible to solve problems unless they are acknowledged and squarely faced.

A quick warning to some readers, the books were written in the popular style with lots of exclamation points, which i know turns some people off. Don’t let it. If you are a Christian who has decidedly backed away from the authority of Scripture don’t look for excuses not to read this book. There are a million reasons to back away from Scripture, none of them any good in my mind, but probably the most common is that backing away takes us out of the first contact zone of combat.

Ken deals with these issues and many more in a very comprehensive study on what is being taught in Christian Colleges and how we, as the Church or body of Christ should deal with it. Ken brings home to us the reality of spirtitual warfare, a warfare that we as Christians cannot afford to opt out of any longer. Because as Ken and Greg Hall so ably point out, we as the Church of Chirst have for decades opted out of the realities of war and have chosen to surrender the halls of academia, the arts and the sciences, to the hordes of atheistic paganism.

Chapter 4, for example, deals with the fact that there is a truth and truth is important and worth fighting for. It lays out the uniqueness of the Christian faith and then deals with the history of how the ancient faith once delivered to the saints (Jude) became marginalized. Hall explains that we simply have abdicated our postitions in the battle ground of ideas. Hall says;

“We lack talent, critical thinking skills, and a wiilingness to engage with intellectual vigor and rigor the ideas that compete for attention.”

He also quotes Os Guiness in Fit Bodies, Fat Minds who says;

“Anti-intellectualism is a disposition to discount the importance of truth….Living in a sensuous culture and in a increasingly emotional democracy, American Evangelicals have…dumbed down their minds.”

Both hall and Guiness compare modern American Christians to the tin woodsman of the Wizard of Oz, in choosing to have a heart over brains. We have followed the same track choosing to avoid the battle ground of the mind, for an emotional form of therapeutic Christianity that furthers our own personal happiness. And in doing so we have allowed the atheist and the world to monopolize and control the debate and impose their standards, their truth, and their creation story on us.

The book gives a comprehensive overview to what is being taught in Christian colleges across the country and examines them in light of Scripture. It discusses solutions, gives a call for action and lays out a plan of action for believers who want to get into the fight. It has a section for parents on choosing schools, secular or Christian, and a chapter, “For Students Only”, which deals with surviving and thriving in hostile academic situations.

It has appendices that deal with “worldview”, understanding “newspeak”, and a review of the higher critical view of Genesis, JEDP.

And yet their commentary avoids unnecessary harshness and is well balanced in its assertions and solutions. There is so much more, all I can say is, read the book and make an effort to read it with an open mind. The faith once delivered to the saints is being hacked to pieces at its foundations…We need You! To “earnestly contend” for it. (Jude 3)

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