1st Corinthians 11; The Pre-eminence of Man and the Feminization of the American Church

Or; why women stopped wearing hats to church after the 1960’s Sexual Revolution

Watch any movie of church goers filmed before 1963, and you will notice one thing strikingly different from films of post 60’s church women…they all had hats on. It was that way for 2000 years. Men took their hats off, women put their hats on when in a church service, It was just protocol, no one considered it odd or legalistic, since it was based on a fairly straight forward understanding of 1st Corinthians 11. Men still take their hats off…but women no longer put their hats on, except for a few legalistic “freaks”. What happened?

We’ve been “enlightened”. And not by God, but by the “God is dead ” culture of the 60’s. The culture changed, so we adjusted ourselves , like frogs in the proverbial slowly heated pot of water. But why make a big deal about something as mundane as hats? It’s not the hats, it’s what they represent. In essence the outward lack of hats gives lie to what is going on inside the church spiritually. The chuch has become feminized, to match the culture.

That’s one of reasons we spend so little time discussing things like Hell, or proper authority in the church, and why many churches avoid subjects like a straight forward interpretation of Creation in Genesis one and two. Or head coverings. They are controversial and women generally don’t like controversy. So we spend gobs of time talking about relational matters, and emphasize emotional issues. Just as the church goers have changed in their outward appearance, so has our preaching focus adjusted to a new feminized culture. Preachers have learned, “Preach to the women” and you’ll have a bigger attendance and stay out of trouble.

Interestingly enough, all the talk and preaching on marriage and relationships hasn’t done much to reduce the divorce rate in the church, which is higher among evangelicals than the unchurched right now. Is putting on hats going to change all that? Well, as I said, it isn’t just hats, it’s about how we handle Scripture and how well we handle the cultural pressures all around us. It’s about how we view the division of the sexes, which is not a small matter. Are our sexual roles biblically based on the words of the Designer or are they shaped by a rebellious culture?

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