According to “Absolute” Radio-active Dating I am Over 100 Million Years Old; where are my Social Security checks?

According to “Absolute” Radio-active Dating I am Over 100 Million Years Old; where are my Social Security checks?

“He has also placed eternity in the hearts of men, but in such a way that they cannot find out the work of God from the beginning the to end” Ecclesiates 3:11

Anyone who watched the popular “Lord of the Rings” triology, remembers Mt. Doom, smoking away in the background. The Mountain used for the movie was actually Mt.Ngauruhoe in New Zealand. Mt. Ngauruhoe may be involved as a material witness in my forth coming suit against the U.S. Government, for failure to supply me with Social Security checks due.

It’s true, according to my birth certificate I am only 60. But according to radio-active dating, which my children’s textbooks assure me is absolute, I am well over 100 million years old. Who are we going to believe? The written record, or the “actual age of the rocks”, as the Jr. High and High School textbooks state?

You see, Mt. Ngauruhoe had recent eruptions in 1949, 1954 and 1975, and these lava flows were rigorously tested by radio-active dating techiques. The lava flows were observed by many onlookers, so it can be empirically confirmed that the flows took place on those exact dates. These were then “dated” by four different radio-active minerals according to their known parent to daughter decay rates, as follows;

Potassium-Argon; which gave dates from 270,000 thousand years to 3.5 million years.

Rubidium-Strontium gave dates from 133 million.

Samarmiun-Neodymium gave dates of 197 millions of years

And Lead-Lead gave dates ranging to 3,908 millions of years old.

Take your pick, any of those dates puts me in range of Social Securtiy checks, going back to and beyond the formation of the SS system in the USA. I can prove beyond reasonable doubt that I was alive at the time of at least two of those eruptions. Think it will hold up in court? It does in our secular textbooks, which for some reason never make mention of this type of “discordant” radio-metric dating. And isn’t it kind of funny how one lava flow can give four different “absolute” dates? My attorney may have a tough time getting past that one…hahahha.

And it isn’t just Mt. Ngauruhoe, not by a long shot. Virtually every historically observed volcanic eruption, including our very own Mt. St. Helens, gives “discordant” dates, suggesting that the recent lava flows are millions of years older than they actually are. Of course, since everybody knows something is wrong with these dates, our secular preists come up with all kinds of reasons why these dates can’t be trusted, but not to worry, we can trust, absolutely, all the other dates which can’t be tested historically.

Contamination from deep in the core is one of the usual reasons given for the discordant dates, but that doesn’t solve the problem. How do we know that the other “absolute” dates aren’t also contaminated?

And some of these recent eruptions show high amounts of helium gases present which creates a double problem for the old earth Lyellian view, so popular in secular, atheistic circles, like our public schools. And even in many Christian colleges which have adopted the Darwinian creation story. Their professors have done a kind of a “shake and bake”, or “fruity blend” between two opposites, and discovered that “it’s all good”.

If the lava is young, Helium shouldn’t have had a chance to form yet, and if the lava is contaminated by ancient material from deep in the core, the Helium should have long ago escaped out of the rock, long before being sucked up and mixed with the new lava. Of course we haven’t done any testing on magma deep in the core, so the whole thing is pretty much just an ad hoc attempt to bolster the publics faith in “Absolute” dates.

The cores we have tested, down a few miles, all show an interesting phenomena. The Uranium-lead dates give around 1.5 billion years of age…but the Helium retention rates in these same rocks give a date of around 6000 years old. The only plausible explanation for this is accelerated decay, and there is other evidence to back that up. However, this is not a route that the scientific establishment wants to pursue, because it explodes the foundational assumption of radio isotope dating; that half lives have remained constant through out the history of the rock.

So we end up with an interesting dichotomy. One dating method, if you ignore the helium data, supports the old earth worldview. At the same time, however, if you prioritize the helium retention data, the idea of a very young earth is supported.

Or we could go with the “Written Record” brought to us by Moses. He states in a very straighforward manner that;

“In Six days the LORD made the Heavens and the Earth, and the Sea; and all that is in them…”

And that is never going to blend very well with the billions of years and millions of mutations slowly forming the necessary intermediates between a rock and a Man. Of course one creation story is based on an ancient Hebrew account of the universe created by an all powerful God who spoke the world into being. The othe is based on the ancient Greek myth of a self creating universe, reinvented by Charles Darwin and Charles Lyell as a direct attack on Scripture, as Darwin quite canddidly admitted in his personal journals.

The decision is yours, and it may say more about your heart then your head. Personally, I will go with Moses, and I have no doubt that given time, everything the bible claims for itself will “pan out” to be true, as history seems to indicate. But either way, you’re going to have to exercise faith.

Have a great day


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