The Huffington Post Strains at a Gnat to Swallow a Camel

“I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent.” (1 Cor.1:19)

The Huffington Post takes on the book of Genesis, will we ever be the same?

One Huff and blo (Huffington Post) apologist for popular cosmology attacks Biblical use of imagery and figurative speech in rejecting a straight forward historical cosmology of Genesis, while another, Steve Lose, scorns the idea of an historical Adam and Eve and explains that the whole story is akin to the proverb of George Washington chopping down a cherry tree. His support for this is, first, because he says so (first paragraph), second, more and more theologians are disregarding the historicity of Genesis, and another culturally powerful reason he gives us is that to take Genesis one at it’s face value is place yourself under the label of a “fundamentalist”.

By fundamentalist he of course means Christian fundamentalist, not someone like himself with a fundamental faith in his own agile biblical interpretation as well as in modern cosmologies. He does give other arguments, including the two creation story theory originally invented by the higher or radical critics.Those great scholars who embarrassed the whole skeptical community so badly that their monumental failure at biblical criticism has been swept under the rug, to protect modern academia’s image. I won’t go into detail on these approaches to interpretation except to say that if you buy my “Woodcutter’s Guide to the Literary Framework Interpretation of Genesis One”, at Amazon-Kindle or Barnes and Noble, for 2.99 plus tax, you will get a response to the two creation story theory. I will deal with the figurative speech questions when I find the actual post again.

By now you have figured out that I am a fundamentalist, who, like Seargeant Alvin Cullum York’s favorite preacher, is “agin everything”. Try not to let that turn you off. After all, how many woodcutters do you know, who have been enlightened by modern academia or suffer from a dire need to fit in with the hip generation? No, most of them are ex-convicts, as I am myself, sadly to say, who have had a big enough dose of reality to make them at least cautious in their approach to interpreting the Bible. So by fundamentalist, I simply mean I believe in the same fundamental truths of the Bible that any Cape Breton peasant would have believed 500 years ago. An historical 6 day creation, Adam made from dust, Eve from his side, Literal fall meaning no death before sin, Physical death and resurrection of the Jewish Messiah, Physical heaven and physical and eternal hell.

Interestingly enough, but not surprisingly, these theologians spend a lot of time attacking or discussing what they feel are the bible’s weak points; Jonah in the whales belly, Joshua’s long day, things that seem ridiculous to a culture seethed in naturalism, or more appropriately, anti supernaturalism. They do this while ignoring the total failure of modern cosmology to find support from empirical science in any field. Truly they are, “Blind guides who strain out a gnat and swallow a camel.” (Mt.23:24)

Having swallowed modern versions of ancient cosmologies that won’t allow for a literal Adam or a 7 day creation in the recent past, they strain away at figures of speech and bible passages that give account of historical miracles. For a total change of pace, let’s do something unique and let’s compare the predictive power of both cosmologies scientifically and see how they have fared according to the empirical data. After all, we are talking about science, aren’t we? We’ll just compare the monkey men and millions of years story to the historical Adam and Eve account and see how they fare against the known data.

1) Life from non-life (dead matter), spontaneous generation.

Evolution predicts that life can and did arise spontaneously from dead matter. The Bible indicates that this would be an impossibility, and that forming life from dead matter would require a supernatural designer.

Evolution: Fail

Creation: Pass

The first law of biology, known as the Law of Biogenesis states that all life must come from life. Therefore Modern cosmology violates the first law of biology, as Louis Pasteur and others have proven empirically time and time again. Nobel prize winners from Francis Crick, co-discover of DNA, Earnest Chain and to Fred Hoyle have all admitted this publicly. You may want to believe that “sometime in the distant past” life arose miraculously and randomly from dead matter but you must do so entirely by faith, the science supports the bible.

2) The Fossil Record and Existing Kinds of Life.

Evolution: Fail

Creation: Pass

Evolution predicts that there should be no gaps in both existing and extinct animal kinds. The fossil record should be reflected by the living animals we see today. According to evolution, one kind of animal should fade into the other and all gaps should be filled by “transitionals”, as Darwin clearly predicted. The bible predicts variation within kinds, but with definite limits and barriers between kinds. The actual data from the fossil record has been known since the 1930’s and it hasn’t changed, the fossil record has actually falsified the evolutionary cosmology, and pointing to figures of speech in the bible won’t change that. Both the fossil record and living life forms exist in discreet groupings that complement each other, there are gaps, transitionals are lacking.

“The extreme rarity of transitional forms in the fossil record persists as the trade secret of paleontology…Most species exhibit no directional change during their tenure on earth…morphological change is limited and directionless…a species does not arise gradually by the steady transformation of it’s ancestors, it appears all at once and fully formed.”(Gould, Natural History, 86 (5), 13, 1977)

“There has been no steady progress in the higher development of organic design. We have had instead vast stretches of little or no change and one evolutionary burst that created the whole system.” (Gould, Natural History, 85(6), 37, 1976)

“The complete absence of any intemediate forms between the major groups of (living) animals which is the most striking and significant phenomena brought out by the study of zoology, has been hitherto overlooked or ignored…No matter how far back we go in the fossil record of previous life on earth we find no trace of any animal forms which are intermediates between the major groups or phyla…If we are willing to face the facts we must believe that there never were such intermediates..,these major groups have borne the same relation to each other that they bear today.” (A,H. Clark, past eminent zoologists for the Smithsonian Institute, The New Evolution: Zoogenesis, 1930, 168,189.)

I could fill pages with like quotes but, let’s face it, facts don’t do much to distract those who are committed to the ruling and popular paradigm, and making their living from it. None the less, all the animals we observe keep having offspring after their own kind, just like the ancient book of Genesis predicted.

3) The different sub- groups of humans, ie, Africans, Europeans, Chinese, etc., according to Darwin and his followers clear up into the late 1980’s, were believed to have evolved from different species of apes. The European from the chimp, the Asians from orangatans, and the African from gorillas. They also were believed to have existed separately from each other for hundreds of thousands of years if not longer. For both reasons, they were predicted to be dramatically different genetically. And the Euopeans, at least until WWII, were believed to be far more advanced in evolutionary terms then any other race, another reason to expect genetic disparity between “the races”.

The bible clearly states that God “made all men from one blood”, and that all existing people’s are descended from those who got off the ark, around five thousand years ago. The bible therefore predicted that all humans on the face of the earth would be extremely homogenous in their genetic make up.

Evolution: Fail

Creation: Pass

Anyone who can read is well aware that with our new ability to study and compare DNA, it was discovered that all human beings on the face of the earth are shockingly similiar. So much so that the range of difference in any “race” is found to be greater inside the group, than between any two different groups. And there doesn’t appear to have been enough time for the various groups to have suffered the genetic loss that would increase those differences.

“We are finding that humans have very, very shallow genetic roots, which go back very recently to one ancestor…” Hammer, U. of Arizona, US News and World Report, 12/04/95

“Regardless of the cause, evolutionists are most concerned about the effect of a faster mutation rate…Using the new clock, she (the female ancestor of all humans) would be a mere 6000 years old. No one thinks that’s the case.” Gibbons, Science, 279, pp. 28-29, 01/02/1998

“Douglas Wallace of Emory University in Atlanta studied mitochodrial DNA from about 800 women worldwide and concluded that all were descended from one individual or small group of people in Asia.” The Almanac of Science and Technology, HBJ, 1990, (I have this volume at home)

Poor Doug is probably out of a job by now, but beyond any dispute, all humans are closely and recently related just as Moses “suggested”, and quite to the contrary of Darwinian expectations.

4) Entropy; the entire universe is going from order to disorder, also known as the second law of thermal dynamics.

Evolution: Fail

Creation: Pass

The modern evolutionary cosmolgy demands a self-creating universe, which has spontaneously gone from total chaos to incredible complexity of life and mathematical order in the solar system and galaxies. Some how, rocks and inert chemicals slowly turned into cockroaches, orchids and monkey men and other biological molecular machines capable of reproducing themselves. All this flies right in the face of the second law of thermal dynamics or commonly called entropy, which states that all energy is moving from a usable form to an unusable form, and order is inexhorably going to disorder. The universe is headed for a big fat “heat death”. As Isaac Asimov stated;

“The universe is constantly getting more disorderly…” (Asimov, In the Game of Energy and Thermaldynamics, Smithsonian Institute Jounal, June 1970)

This law of entropy wasn’t discovered by modern science until 1850 by Rudolph Clausius, but the bible predicts it several times, starting with the literal fall in the garden and repeated again for example in Ps. 102:25,26;

“Of old you laid the foundations of the earth and the heavens are the works of your hands. They will perish but you will endure, they will all wear out like a garment, like a cloak you will change them and they will be changed, but you remain the same..”

Romans 8:21 speaks of all of creation being placed under the bondage of corruption, and it would be millenia before man “discovered” this to be a scientific law. Biology in no way escapes this phenomenom, it is a universal law. Information loss through transmisson is an observed fact of information theory and biology;

“An adequate scientific theory of evolution must await the discovery and elucidation of new natural laws-physical, chemical and biological.” Murray Eden, at the Wistar Symposim where scientists and mathematicians went to discuss problemw with macro-evolution. (Wistar Institute Press,1967)

Mutations in biology do not create, they destroy, they are simply further evidence of the 2nd law;

“Natural selection…can weed out some of the complexity and slow down the information decay that results in speciation.It is not a creative force as many people have suggested.” (Lewin, Science,217:1239)

The decay is mutations, of which 100% cause information loss not gain, and the speication is horizontal, within kinds. The biblical narrative claims life had an instantaneous beginning that brought order out of chaos, and then tells of a curse, the fall, in which the entire universe began to die.Therefore the Bible predicts both the first law of biology and the 2nd law of thermal dynamics, while modern cosmolgy must await new laws of physics to validate it’s very popular prognostications.

So it appears that the Adam and Eve story has more evidence to support its historicity then the Darwinian fairy tale. I have attended secular college and have discovered that Christian theologians who accept the modern rehashings of Greek creation stories and bend there biblical interpretations to it, are far more rabid and determined in their faith in these stories than their secular counterparts. Sad, but somehow, real Christianity will survive, though those who lamely follow after it may never be considered very hip or popular, and it’s followers may never get offered jobs for the Huffington Post. As Richard Dawkins said;

“It’s absolutely safe to say that, if you meet someone who claims not to believe in evolution, that person is ignorant, stupid or insane….” (Dawkins, The Blind WatchMaker, 1986)

Or worse, a fundamentalist.

Have a great day.


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