Better Dead Than Red? The Shared Goals of Marxism and the American Education System

“We must go to them with the propaganda of atheism, for only this propaganda defines the place of man in the universe…” Trotsky (1)

“Ye shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall set you free.” Jesus Christ, John 8:32

Two opposite points of view. One claims to be able to free humanity though the knowledge of the living God, the other through the acceptance of propaganda. One rests entirely on faith in the works and words of God as unfolded in the Sacred Judeo-Christian Scriptures from Moses in the Torah through John in the New Testament. The other, the propaganda of atheism, rest entirely on faith in a Darwininan worldview, the universe created itself from nothing, for no reason. No God. The Marxists made that clear;

“Darwinism is the forerunner, a preparation for Marxism…Marxism is the application of Darwinism to human society.” Trotsky (2)

“The abolition of religion as the illusory happiness of the people is the demand for their real happiness.” Marx (3)

“This much is sure: the only service that can be rendered to God today is to declare Atheism as a compulsory article of faith and to out do Bismarck’s laws by prohibiting religion in general.” Engels (4)

“We will substitute materialism for idealism and atheism for theism.” Mao Zedong (5)

“You know, they are fooling us. There is no God.” Joseph Stalin to a boyhood friend, after reading Darwins, “Origin of Species” (6)

The other insists that the entire universe was made by a supernatural God, in just 6 days, and it rest on this truth.

“For in six days the LORD made the heavens and earth, the seas and all that is in them…” Moses, Exodus 20;11

One faith, that of the biblical God of Moses, claims it can only be received by a heart prepared by God, through the working of the Holy Spirit. The other side is content with a confession of faith at the point of a gun, or the threat of becoming a social and economic outcast. One side talks of truth, the other uses the word propaganda. Our forefathers insisted that it would be impossible to have a free nation with out a moral and religious (theistic) people, Marx, Stalin and Mao insisted it would be impossible to have an equal and prosperous society without the abolition of the knowledge of God.

Which faith is being actively promulgated in American, European and Australian public schools today? The answer to that question shouldn’t be too hard to figure out. Evolution has been easily falsified by the fossil record, by existing zoology, by genetics, by the basic laws of science. Yet only one idea is taught in schools, and it’s taught in such a way that it can easily be seen to be an idealogy taught by methods of indoctrination. Propaganda. Evolution, the motivating force behind Hitler, Stalin and Marx and Mao, is being taught exclusively in public schools just as it was and still is taught in the Marxist countries.

The goal of the German Socaialists (NAZI’s) and of the Bolsheviks and the Communist Chinese was to eliminate the idea of the existence of God from the schools and all of society, what are we doing that is any different? Stalin and Lenin outlawed prayer in the Soviet Union at the beginning of the 20th century and we did it in America in 1963. This year, Australia outlawed the use of the words B.C. and A. D. , Before Christ and Anno Domini, (the year of our Lord) for use in dating in the school system. Just one more step to removal of the idea of the existence of god from the minds of the school children. Or at least to divorce the idea of god in any meaningful way from reality. Right now they don’t mind if we use the idea of god for a source of emotionalism and to promote a sense of euphoria in the church; just keep him out of reality, keep him to yourselves. Out of science, out of history, out of morality. Fit your interpretation of god to the Darwinian ideal and we will tolerate you. For now.

Atheism is the rule. And why? Why did all the communist dictators and why do modern American leaders and others of the free world want to remove the idea of god from the people? (or change the image of god until he appears to be an atheist) Why is atheism so essential to the new world order and the goal of a one world government?

It’s really very simple; if man can give rights, he can take away rights. If man is the source and definer of human rights, there are no real, defined essential human rights. Man then has no intrinsic value coming from an extrinsic source outside himself. Under man’s rule, apart from the acknowledgement of a Creator God, there are no “unalienble rights”. And there are no real moral “rights and wrongs”. The government becomes God, but not the unchangeable source of righteousness found in the Torah, Tanach or New Testament.

Not the source of liberty cited by our forefathers of the faith who established and made this country the greatest nation in the world for a century or two.

You don’t think so? Take a look at the human rights in China, The USSR, Cuba or in any Marxist communist nation. Good luck with that.

Christians, now is not the time to cowardly conform your faith and your interpretations of the Scripture to fit that of our would be atheist masters. How far do you want to go with that? How well does oil mix with water? Now is not the time to side step every moral and scientific conflict with the rabbit like fear we so often exhibit in public. Jonathan Sarfati expressed it well when he said;

“To be honest, I think the Scientific American underestimates the hold evolution has on the public imagination. While many Americans say they believe in creation and reject evolution, sadly many seem “evolutionized” in their thinking.,,it’s unfortunate to hear Christians say they won’t let their faith influence their public policy, e.g., ‘I’m personally opposed to abortion, but I would never impose my faith on a pregnant women’. However atheists are very happy to let their faith influence their public policy and enforce their views on people…” Sarfati, (7)

In fact, atheists not only don’t mind enforcing their views on unborn babies, they freely speak in America and elsewhere about killing off theistic believers entirely. [Harris, Dawkins (8)] Just like their forerunners in Russia and China tried. You can’t have it both ways forever.

Have a great day.

(1)Trotsky, Leon,, The Position of the Public and the Tasks of Young Workers, 1922

(2) Trotsky, The Tasks of Communist Education, 1922

(3) Marx, Karl, Introduction to a Contribution to Hegel’s Philosophy of Right

(4) Engels, Frederiech, Abstract to emigrant literature, 1874

(5) Zedong, Mao, “Examples of Dialectics”, in, Selected works of Mao Zedong. vol. 8

(6) Yaroslavsky, Landmarks in the Life of Stalin, 1940

(7) Sarfati, Jonathan, Refuting Evolution, Two, p.70

(8) Harris, Sam, The End of Faith, pp. 52-53, Dawkins in a lecture given at Randolp-Macon Women’s College in Lynchburg Virginia, strongly encouraged the faculty and students to read Harris’s books, which include endorsements to kill those who reject atheism. Of course, Dawkins himself has called all non-atheists insane and dangerous and has suggested taking their children away from them. Can you imagine the outcry if a Creation Scientist went around encouraging taking away the children of atheists and/or killing their parents? But Dawkins does it and the Huffington Post is silent..along with everyone else.


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