Rough Draft Ch.9; Myth of Religious Pluralism

Chapter Nine

Myth No. 9; Thy Myth of religious pluralism, all religions are equal and teach basically the same thing

Romans 1: 20; “For since the creation of the world his invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made…”

This is one of the foundational myths on our politically correct college campuses. Of course, the reason we say “politically correct” is because we know that such beliefs are in reality, wrong. They are just things we are supposed to say we believe, if we want to fit in. The trouble is that after a while these politically correct myths become our presuppositions, they are reinforced daily at school and in the media, and then we begin to believe them.

And should we really allow society to bully us around to the point that we just say what we are supposed to say? Can we really call that freedom? But whatever you think about the subtle and sometimes not so subtle tactics of political correctness, the idea that all religions are the same, have the same effects or produce the same actions, or teach the same things, is totally disconnected from reality.

Think about it. An ancient Baal worshipper or modern satan worshiper sacrificing a newly born human baby to death, in order to gain materially from their power source of choice, is the same thing as Mother Teresa, or one of the many protestant missionaries, sacrificing their own lives to feed the poor and unwanted and show them that they are indeed valued and loved by their Creator?

And let’s look at some of the other well known religious views. atheists believe that there is no supernatural god, and that the entire universe, including the myriad life forms from cockroaches to lilies and from mice to redwood trees, created themselves from nothing. They hold this view by faith, even though it violates the first law of biology, biogenesis, and the second law of thermal dynamics, (entropy) and all the laws of information theory.

This contradicts the theistic views of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, who all believe the exact opposite. The bible clearly states that a supernatural God created everything from nothing, and that the universe clearly displays his power through its design and beauty. Many of the Asian religions do not think in the terms of a knowable or personable god at all, and contrary to Judeo/Christian teachings, they think of the whole universe as an illusion. To them the concept of sin, is simply not knowing that everything is an illusion. So like many other religions, eastern thought, when it thinks of “salvation” at all, it’s speaking in terms of “enlightenment”, not forgiveness.

The Bible teaches that there is an objective reality to the universe, and that sin is rebellion against knowable standards created by a personal God who created everything. It teaches that this all powerful ,righteous God made everything good, but that man rebelled and brought a curse upon the earth with death, sickness and increased entropy as the result.

While the earliest religion in China was one that recognized a Creator God, who appeared to be almost identical to the Judeo/Christian god, other religions in China sprang up which only recognized forces, like yin and yang, never mentioning any god or even moral absolutes, like right and wrong.

Other religions worship created things and believe the universe itself is a living animated entity, or as in Hinduism or Eastern thought, that everything is God. The Bible teaches that God is separate from His creation and that he is uncreated and always existed.  Atheists, on the other hand, believe that matter always existed, and that it somehow created the universe from itself.

Even closely related religions differ on major points. The Christian believes that Jesus was the Messiah of the Old Testament. Most Jew reject that claim, though there is a growing number of Messianic Jews who believe it. Islam rejects the blessing on the Jewish people through Abraham to Isaac, and claims it was Ishmael who received the blessing. The death and resurrection of Jesus is at the very center of Christianity but, the Quran, given to Mohammad by a messenger from Allah, claims that Jesus didn’t really die at all, but only appeared to.

Had enough yet? We haven’t even began to study all the major contradictions between the actual teachings of the various religions. Religions are not all “basically the same”, and even the various gods are not basically the same or teaching the same things. Like most politically correct ideas, they sound good on the surface, sophisticated ,enlightened and more importantly, tolerant. But if you study them in any sort of objective manner, they fall apart. That’s because they have no root in reality. They may seem “progressive”, but there is nothing new about them, ancient Pagan Rome and Greece all practiced religious pluralism. It is at the heart of Paganism.

What you believe does affect what you do, and societies that believe different things and have different presuppositions, behave differently. As we saw in the chapter on the beginnings of modern science, there were religious reasons why science couldn’t develop in China or Islamic countries. The modern democracies grew out of the Judeo/Christian ethic, and abolished slavery and develope freedom of conscience. Under an atheism bolstered by Darwinism, Stalin and Mao abolished freedom of conscience and told people what to believe and denigrated individual freedoms. Many Islamic nations did not outlaw slavery until after the 1960’s. Our Christian forefathers believed that men had unalienable rights endowed on them by a Creator; atheists deny the existence of any creator and thus any unalienable rights, man is his own measure, and he can make or take rights as he see’s fit.

And how much freedom do we have under secular atheism? Obviously not enough to allow any other creation story in the classroom, or mention of the possibility of the existence of a god. Under atheism, you will be told, directly or indirectly,(political correctness) what to think.

But that is one more popular myth, exploded.


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