Under Water Mudslides, Called Turbidites, Subtract Time from the Geological Column

“In England, It was geology and the theory of evolution that changed us from a Christian to a pagan nation.” (1)

 The first time Geologists became aware of the nature of underwater landslides or dense sand laden turbidity flows was on November 18, 1929. An earthquake off the Grand Banks near New Foundland generated an underwater mudslide that triggered one of the worst tsunamis in Canadian history, killing 28 people.

One of the reasons they became aware of the mudflow was because it carried its layer of sand for almost 1000 km at speeds of 60-100 km/h, breaking 12 underwater telegraph cables that stretched from North America to Europe. These cables were miles apart and snapped in succession one after another as the turbidite spread its layer across the ocean floor. The layer it laid down was hundreds of meters thick, several football fields deep. (2)

How long did it take to spread this layer of sand and mud over thousands of square miles and hundreds of yards thick? From 4 to 11 hours, total. Remember, according to the uniformitarian view of geology, all layers are believed to have been laid down slowly, over thousands of years. The stratigraphic layers are supposed to be representative of time, not catastrophe.

And yet we now have evidence from observational science that layering can happen quickly, within hours. And turbidite layers are distinctive and fairly easy to identify. They have been identified all over the earth, at least 30% of the Grand Canyon layers are thought to be turbidites. In the Matterhorn, in Switzerland there is a stratigraphic layer caused by a turbidite over 500 feet thick.

There are dozens of other evidences that indicate that all the layers in the geological column were catastrophically formed, rapidly. But I would suggest that there was another casualty caused by the Nov.18 mudslide off New Foundland. Lyell’s theory of uniformitarian geology was buried in hundreds of feet of mud, and that’s where it should be left. Maybe the rock layers of the earth have been standing for millions of years, but one thing is certain, they didn’t form over millions of years. And that’s what Lyell’s theory demands.

Lyell has been falsified. It’s time to go back to Moses, his version still stands.

[See also Lyell’s geology, the longer version https://notmanynoble.wordpress.com/lyells-geology-the-long-version/,]

(1) F. Sherwood Taylor, Curator, Museum of the History of Science, Oxford, England, Geology changes the outlook; in: Ideas and Beliefs of the Victorians, Sylvan Press Ltd, London, p. 195



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