Modern Mississippi Delta Plain Less than 6000 Years Old


The modern Mississippi Delta plain spreading out into the gulf of Mexico is about 1000 feet thick, and rests on top of older sedimentary layers almost 7 miles thick. The estimate of the modern Mississippi River delta plain was derived from an area extent of 13,300 square miles from Figure 2 of Kolb and Dornbusch (1975) and a maximum thickness of 1000 feet from Gould (2) (1970).

Using standard uniformitarian methods for annual flood sedimentation rates, this gives the delta an age of around 6 thousand years, which fits with the biblical flood dates quite well. The delta would have formed after Noah’s flood, after the uplifting of the Rocky Mountains and if formed in part by the breaking of a natural dam of a post flood lake, the time to form the existing sediments could be reduced as sediment rates would have been greatly increased at the beginning of the drainage.

Arguments raised against this interpretation have always relied upon confusing the strata below the modern delta sediments (which are much thicker and spread farther into the gulf) with the modern delta and presuming uniformitarian views of the cause of this other lower strata. Uniformitarian explanations haven’t fared well of late however, in view of the massive evidence for catastrophic events, such as the Lake Missoula Flood forming the scablands of Washington and the discovery of turbidity flows and their existence throughout the geological column.

The Creationists view the lower strata as Flood strata and either way, if the Rockies have been standing for millions of years, the Mississippi delta plain should be thousands of feet thicker and spread farther into the Gulf. Since we can’t go back in time and review the forming of the delta, any time estimation isn’t empirical but is inferred from existing evidence. None the less, the modern Mississippi river delta as it stands could easily be interpreted to support the Genesis Flood story as recorded by Moses, almost 3500 years ago.

(1) Kolb, C.R. and W.K. Dornbusch. 1975. The Mississippi and Mekong deltas – a comparison, in Broussard, M.L., editor. Deltas: models for exploration. Houston Geological Society, Houston, TX

(2) Gould, H.R. 1970. The Mississippi delta complex, in Morgan, J.P. and R.H. Shaver, editors, Deltaic sedimentation: Modern and ancient. Society of Economic Paleontologists and Mineralogists Special Publication No. 15. Tulsa, OK.


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    Good research.


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    The info on this post is useful.


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