Punctuated Equilibrium; the theory that explains why there is no evidence for evolution in the fossil record

Can a theory which is so plastic it can be adjusted to explain any data that contravenes it really qualify for a theory?

 “Why, if species have descended from other species by insensibly fine graduations, do we not every where see innumerable transitional forms, why is not  all nature in confusion instead of the species being, as we see them, well defined?” Darwin, Origin of Species, 1st ed. Penguin Library Edition, p.133

While high school and Jr. high school and even most college textbooks continue to hoodwink students and present the fossil record as if it actually supports Darwin’s theory, paleontologists have known for over a hundred years that it doesn’t. As the above quote shows, Darwin was well aware of this problem, but invented the argument that would be used for decades to explain why this was so;

” The geological record is extremely Imperfect and this fact will to a large extent explain why we don’t find the intermediates varieties, connecting together all extinct and existing forms of life by the finest graduated steps.” Charles Darwin, Origin of Species, pp.341- 342

He argued that the reason there was no evidence for evolution in the fossils was because we just hadn’t dug up enough yet, or that the gaps are there because fossilization was so rare, the transitionals just were never fossilized. This is the argument most often used today, if the problem of the fossil records lack of support for evolution is even admitted. However as David Raup, the leading paleontologist at the Chicago Museum of Natural History for years noted;

” Well, we are now about 120 years after Darwin, and the knowledge of the fossil record has been greatly expanded… But the situation hasn’t changed much…We have even fewer examples of evolutionary transition then we had in Darwin’s time.”   David Raup, paleontologist, Chicago Museum of Natural History, Bulletin 50 (1)’ ‘79

Darwin understood that this lack of evidence should be enough by itself to falsify his theory;

“The abrupt manner in which whole groups of species appear in certain formations has been urged by several paleontologists…as a fatal objection to the belief in the transmutation of species.” Darwin, The Origin of Species, 1858 ed.

Never the less, as everybody knows, the problem is rarely even admitted, let alone allowed to test the theories validity. Evolutionists know that evolution is true, therefore life must have evolved from dead matter, and so there must be some explanation for the complete lack of evidence for it in the fossil record.

After studying trilobites and other fossil species for years, Niles Eldredge and Steven Gould made an important announcement in Discover Magazine;

“In 1972 my colleague Niles  Eldredge and I developed the theory of punctuated equilibrium. We argued that two outstanding facts of the fossil record -geologically sudden origin of new species and failure to change thereafter (stasis)- reflect the predictions of (this new) evolutionary theory, not the imperfections of the fossil record.“(1)

Gould argued that the so called “imperfection of the fossil record” could not be used any longer to explain it’s failure to support Darwinism. He also chastised paleontologists for keeping the true nature of the fossil record a secret. He said;

 “The extreme rarity of transitional forms is the trade secret of paleontology“… “The history of most fossil species includes two features particularly inconsistent with gradualism: 1.) stasis, they appear in the fossil record looking much the same as when they disappear. 2.) Sudden appearance, in any local area a species does not arise gradually… it appears all at once, fully formed.”  (Gould, (an evolutionists and Marxist) Natural History, 86:14, May 1977)

Animal species appear in the fossil record fully formed without a series of evolutionary ancestors and furthermore, they never change much at all. They either stay the same and continue to exist, or they go extinct. Gould and Eldredge had a new and novel explanation for this though. It wasn’t that evolution never happened, it was just that it had happened so quickly, that it left no evidence behind. That is the basic idea behind the theory of punctuated equilibrium.

So either way, with transitionals or without them, the fossil record supports evolution. Amazing. It also shows that according to leading paleontologists, nothing can falsify evolution. It is true no matter what evidence or lack of evidence we find. Which I think means that Darwin’s theory really no longer qualifies as a scientific theory. The true nature of the fossil record does however seem to provide good support for the Genesis account of supernatural and sudden creation of animal kinds, as given by Moses. I think I’ll go with Moses.

Have a great day

(1) Gould, S. J., “Evolution as Fact and Theory’, Discover, May, 1981,p.36


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