New Book Coming Soon; Gwendolyn, first ruling Queen of England

Part two of the Welsh Chronicles series, this book follows the story of the ancient Britons from the MS LXI as translated by W.R. Cooper. The book starts of with death of Brutus and continues through the reign of Gwendolyn, the first queen to rule without a husband or  King. The work is a historical fiction but follows a line of real events; death, war, adultery, betrayal, intrigue, idolatry, rejection, civil war, greed and avarice as well as courage, perseverance, faithfulness and love…you know, the human thing. About three to four times longer than my first attempt at historical fiction, Brutus. I’m not saying it’s any better, might be far worse…but it is longer. The period of history here is the second generation of the Trojan exiles in Britain, about a thousand years before the coming of Christianity to the  Island in 50 AD. Historical fiction can help bring history alive for young and old alike and alternative views of history teach students to challenge and investigate what they are being taught…not simply take it in because the professor or book says so.

The Welsh Chronicles are considered alternative history because in fact, interpolations and mythologizing has taken place during their thousands of years of being copied and handed down. None the less, there is evidence that they do trace a winding path of men and women which does reflect real history. The scorn of these ancient manuscripts is largely because they, like ancient Saxon, Norse and Irish chronicles, trace themselves back through Japheth to Noah. Citing other sources and traditions, Nennius took the lineage from Troy back to the Deluge. It is these ancient chronicles which introduce us to King Lear, Arthur and Brutus and Morvid and for this reason we owe them and their translators a debt. And they make for fascinating reading as well.

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