Gas Prices, Runaway Climates, and Ice Age Theories

Is Oil Evil?

A lot of people are unaware of the tie between ice age theories and global warming theories.  Whether carbon is the cause of warming, or whether the climate is warming, or whether a warming climate is bad, are not the main topics of this article. However every one of those questions are highly debatable as Svensmark and the Danes have thrown a powerful wrench into the carbon caused warming theory, recent data show the climate hasn’t been warming appreciably, and it’s not really clear that warming would be altogether a bad thing. One thing is certain, the ocean level hasn’t raised the 10 or 20 feet originally predicted  by Gore or the global warming community or certainly we would have heard about it from local surfers on both coasts.

However, I do have the sneaky suspicion that the belief in global warming caused by carbon is definitely playing a role in the price of a gallon of gas. And it really appears that the majority of people don’t really question the scenario, or they know very little about it. Personally I never put much faith in it, having been around long enough to have lived through the carbon caused global ice age, the mass starvation predicted for the 1980’s, the Ozone layer crises, and the DDT scare that led to millions of deaths in Africa and other warm third world nations. The DDT didn’t kill them, the mosquitoes did.

However, in taking a college 101 English comp. course, a professor who was quite keen on global warming had us read through the IPCC data used to come up with their alarming assessment of Carbon Warming. So I was forced by the secular education system to learn about the underlying data behind global warming theory.

Unlike most the class, who were satisfied in reading reports in class and endlessly repeating, ” the polar bears are dying, dying,” I actually read the whole IPPC report and began to purchase the actual scientific journal it was based on. This didn’t do a lot to encourage my faith in the UN. Of course, I have to admit, having watched them deal with the nation of Israel, the only Jewish nation in the world, I wasn’t totally surprised.

I literally spent hundreds of dollars buying articles online from Nature and other top scientific journals, something a wiser woodcutter probably wouldn’t have done.  However I did discover the tie between the global warming scare and the theories of runaway climates. The idea of runaway climates was derived from observation of ice cores in the Antarctic and Greenland ice fields. You can read my college paper on it in this blog but briefly;

Scientists, on the assumption of uniformitarian geology decided the ice cap on the poles represented millions of years of ice build up. Having drilled cores, they examined them and thought they could detect evidence of rapid weather changes in them. This in turn fed the hysteria that weather patterns could fluctuate very rapidly. I have already explained some of the problems with all of that so I’m not going to repeat it here.

The IPCC report put a tremendous amount of weight on these findings, much more then most the scientists did who actually wrote the articles. But here is the funny thing. They believed the Milankovitch theory of orbital variations caused the ice age, (highly doubtful) and since the earth in their mind is millions of years old, they assumed we would have gone through many periods of orbital forcing and thus at least thirty different ice ages.

To their shock though, the evidence for these multiple ice ages really wasn’t there. They expected to find it in the ice cores when they drilled; but they didn’t.  Then they said that all the ice must have melted away, which still is just a tacit admission that they didn’t find what they were looking for.

Then it has been discovered that what they thought was evidence for multiple glaciations, wasn’t. Multiple layers of till at the edge of glaciers was thought to have been caused by many different glaciers, but it has now been observed that these layers are caused by stutter stepping of existing glaciers, the moving back and forth, that causes these layers.

Other problems are that the majority of till can be traced to existing glaciers, insufficient till and also the seldom mentioned problem that huge parts of the northern hemisphere, even in Alaska have never been covered by glaciation. That is pretty hard to swallow if you want to believe in multiple periods of ice ages going back millions of years.

All the data used to surmise the age of the ice cores, and sudden weather changes is highly debatable, as the scientists who wrote the articles often mentioned.

We need to practice good conservation and environmental practices, but we don’t need to make oil and carbon the villain or the target of our hysteria. We need to work on alternative forms of energy, but we don’t need to cause hardship and suffering for millions of people by turning away from the use of oil products.

We live in a fallen world and we are under the law of entropy. There will probably never be  a perfect form of energy. Maybe the fact that there are millions and millions of barrels of oil under the ground is because God intended for us to use it. That doesn’t mean we should destroy the earth to get the oil out. But it suggests that maybe the oil isn’t evil.

Rich people don’t care. They love the save the planet scenarios, they can afford them. It’s the working class and poor who always get nailed first in environmental fads.

Could we just elect a president that didn’t go to Harvard?


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