I’m Sure we’ll all end up being good Global Citizens some day. But do we have to rush into it?

Should We Hide our Christian Distinctions as a Nation? Should we try to reach our goals for relations with other nations by transforming ourselves into looking the way we think global citizens should look? By looking like everyone else? Should we de-emphasize our Christian roots and try to appear to be a religiously neutral nation? What does that look like? To me it appears very much like a religiously atheist nation, whose innocuous morals (one of the attractions of atheism) are rooted in evolutionary paganism.

But to continue. Should we carefully whitewash our elementary school and middle school textbooks, so the religious terminology used by our nation’s founders is hidden, and the fact that this was the first and perhaps only nation in the world to be founded on the religious principles of Christianity, is also scrubbed away?

Should we allow only the pagan origins view, the history of origins envisioned by Darwin, to be taught on campus, while the Mosaic history, which not only explains why the fossil record fails Darwin, but also why the biological law of biogenesis is true, and even more prominently, why the law of entropy exists, is prohibited? I’m not saying students should be coerced into praying to Yahweh. I’m saying the origins history of a man called Moses, who happened to be a theist just like Darwin happened to be atheist, has greater explanatory power than Darwin.

Darwin wrote his history in the 19th  century AD and knew nothing about entropy, but Moses wrote his in 18th century BC and presupposed it with the story of the fall. Why should we be embarrassed of the fact that a Jewish historian got it right four thousand years ago?

Should we scrub the first 350 years of the American story clean of all it’s Christian distinctions and history? The puritans, as a bunch of crazy witch burners being allowed to be taught, but not the fact that the idea of freedom of conscience started with them, or that they were among the first to pass laws protecting the Jewish people in Europe and wrote the first anti-slavery tracts?

Don’t tell kids about the influence Christianity had on Davey Crockett, Daniel Boone, George Washington Carver, Alvin York. Don’t tell them about Crockett at all or Boone at all. That’s what was being discussed in Texas just a few years back. I guess they were just not feminine enough. Or maybe it was because they shot animals and ate meat. Or the fact that these men both quoted scripture too much for allowance in the textbooks. Kids might read that and get the wrong idea.

And what about the little known fact, now, that the whole scientific revolution that changed our entire world and gave us our modern technologically advanced world today, took place in Christian Europe and Christian Europe alone and that most it’s founders, both Catholic and Protestant gave God and the Bible credit as the inspiration for their work? Should we continue to leave that scrubbed out of our textbooks?

Should we go onto all our now “secular” college campuses and knock down all the symbols and statutes and bible quotes put their by the men that founded the colleges, so we don’t embarrass future presidents making speeches on those campuses?

Is our freedom and prosperity really going to improve by trying to make ourselves look like everyone else? “Hey, we’re cool! Never mind our awful Christian past, we are now really just like you. We are hip guys, let us hang with y’all and the UN.”

I’m sure we’ll all end up being good global citizens some day. But do we have to rush into it? I would rather fight then switch.


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