The Pre-war Bethel Community in Biesenthal; Germany vs. Hitler

The Pre-war Bethel Community in Biesenthal, Germany vs. Hitler;

Moses vs. Darwin

In pre-war Germany before Hitler came in to power, a group of Christian doctors in co-operation with some Christian congregations had developed an entire community for people with epilepsy, and other disabilities. There were houses with nursing facilities nearby, churches, housing for the nurses, farms and factories for the disabled to work at, orphanages, and much more.

These were built and operated on the faith that all humans are made in the image of God, and therefore should be nourished and provided for, even if they could not take care of themselves. They had value because they were made in the image of God and that alone was all they needed.

Hitler, a staunch evolutionist, rejected that faith. To his mind, some races were further evolved then others and the further evolved races were of more value, because they were fitter to survive. Sick people or disabled people had no intrinsic value. He called them “useless eaters” or “life unworthy of life” based on his faith in evolution.

One by one Hitler forced the doctors of the town to ship the disabled people to the death camps, though the doctors fought to get as many out of the country as they could. Most of them were killed before the war was over.

I don’t think you could find a clearer example of the difference between those who reject the faith of our forefathers, a belief that a supernatural God endows all human life with value because we are made in his image, and those who think man is a product of dead matter evolving over time. In America, faith in evolution has led to the death of 56 million innocent children in their mothers’ wombs, and if they survive the saline abortion, outside of the wombs.

One faith based on the bible, the other on a book written by Charles Darwin. Our constitution itself is based on the faith that man was created by a supernatural god and endowed with rights. However, as Christians often ignore the bible, we have often ignored the foundation of our government.

Who will you vote for this season, a man who gives his hearty approval to the blood of 56 million babies and supports the Supreme Court arguments that legalized those deaths, arguments that mirrored the 1857 Dred Scott decision supporting slavery? Or someone with a little kinder, more biblical worldview. The babies can’t vote, so no one is lobbying for them and they are of no interest to the candidates. You however can vote for the protection of the most innocent and defenseless form of human life.


Unborn babies, like Down syndrome people, or epileptics or cripples deserve our special protection and nourishment. What we do with the least of these says more about who and what we are then anything else we could possibly do. And you are not exempt from responsibility in the matter of the legally supported killing of pre-natal infants. You may not have to answer for it here and now but you will answer for it, and the nation will answer for it here.

The God of the Hebrew Torah and the New Testament makes it clear that nations will be judged for how they treat babies and the weak (and sexual immorality) and a common theme is that you will share in the guilt for behaviors you could have rebuked and stood against, but did not. This is particularly true in the case of blood guilt.

The more innocent and defenseless the victim, the more we are required to stand between them and their persecutor. This is not the god of the survival of the strongest; this is the God of the succor and protection and respect for the weakest; the oppressed, the infant, the aged, the infirm, the widow and the widower and the orphan, the Downs Syndrome person, the scorned, the poor, these are the objects of his particular attention.

Shouldn’t then they be ours?


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