Who has the Whole World in Their Hands? Is it atheism or, “the Bible” in the classroom or is there another alternative?

Who has the Whole World in Their Hands?

Is it atheism or, “the Bible” in the classroom or is there another alternative?

Just to be clear; I am not saying “the Bible” has to be taught in American public schools. The minute you suggest that the concept of God should not be banished from the classroom, that is what you get; “You can’t teach the bible in the class room”. Or Senator Obama’s, “What ya gonna teach?” You know, Baptist or Pentecostal doctrine or, who knows?

How about teaching history accurately and teaching kids the difference between origins science and operational science? How about allowing kids to form teams and debate the evidences for and against the Darwinian creation story?  Heaven forbid.

Atheist doctrine is not directly taught in school and no one reads Mein Kampf or Marx’s Das Kapital every morning before class. However the secular atheist worldview dominates to the exclusion of all other world views.

And since this nation was established by Christians and was thought of as a Christian nation up until the late sixties sexual revolution, it is just possible that the biblically based Judeo/Christian world view should not be abolished from the classroom and even the history of it frantically swept under the rug less some enterprising student discovers it and becomes confused by reality?

The atheist world view lives or dies on the success of Darwin’s reworking of the old Greek view of a self-creating universe, and Darwinism has failed to qualify even as a proper hypothesis. I have no problem with evolution being taught, as long as it is done so honestly and accurately, and in an up to date manner, which it is not.

Whether it scares us to death or not, the history of how modern science sprang up in Europe, among Christian scientists who built off centuries of scholarly work done in the Catholic scholastic colleges, should be learned. Most students now think that science is the property and product of atheism and that the secularists fought a war against religion in order to bring science to the world. But modern operational science started in Christian Europe and there alone. I think only two among the 152 founders of the various fields of science were skeptics; the majority of the rest were devout and said it was their faith that drove them to do science.

How medieval Europe outlawed slavery before it started up again in the new world and the fact that only the Judeo/Christian nations abolished slavery, until very recently, should be taught. That the first orphanages, hospitals, and medical sanitation started in Christendom, should be taught along with the over blown stories of witch hunts and the like.

The incredible technological advances of Medieval Europe should also be taught in the classroom; the iron horseshoe, the collar and harness which allowed for faster plowing by horse, eye glasses, telescopes, the chimney, the first mechanically manufacturing of paper, the printing press, the massive use of wind and watermills for mechanical purposes, the list is endless. We didn’t colonize the world because we are evil, we did so because we had the technology to do so- no one else did.

The fact that the first modern democracies began in the Christian nations should be taught, and the revolution under Oliver Cromwell could be compared with the French revolution; a Christian based movement with very little civilian death against the firs atheistic based French one where the streets ran with blood and which would be followed by many other exceedingly bloody Marxist/atheist based revolutions.

The very fact that we were a Christian nation should be explained and the actual writings of the founders should be read in the classroom, as well as the part Jewish and even Muslim early settler’s played in the war for independence. There weren’t a lot of atheists involved, just as there were no atheist abolitionist groups and are today, as far as I know, no atheist led pro-life groups; you won’t find too many atheists among the founders of early science either; not Kepler or Kelvin; not Boyle or Newton. Atheism does not produce much but abortion mills and mass purges of its enemies.

It is not a question of secular atheism or “the bible”. It is one exclusive world view being allowed to dominate to the absolute exclusion of all others that is the problem. By allowing that we have allowed the government to establish a religion, in a very sneaky sort of way.

I remember in one public school classroom of kindergarten students I was working with who danced to the music of the old fifties spiritual called “He has the whole world in His hands”. Only the words were sung; “We have the whole world in our hands” and “We have the wind and the rain, in our hands” et cetera. And I am not making that up. But it’s all good, right?

Even if we hate our heritage, should we let the schools teach the children that the fossil record supports Darwin’s theory?  And have text books that still show pictures of Haeckel’s faked drawings of embryos? Or shows pictures of a dolphin flipper, a bird’s wing and a human arm and suggest that they look the same because they all evolved from a common ancestor?

Shouldn’t the kids be told that the gene’s that control the arms in each of those creatures are different and that in each different family; the bird, the reptiles, the mammals; the embryo’s form by completely different patterns exclusive to that animal type and so that the similarity of their various features is definitely Not due to inheritance from a common ancestor?

Or should our young scholars be adamantly taught the in-vogue story that the dinosaurs didn’t really die off, they just turned into birds and flew up into the trees? And then omit all of the problems associated with that idea, so many that the head ornithologist of the Smithsonian wrote the National Geographic a scathing letter that was a stinging rebuke for their presentation of that popular “just so” theory, accusing them of dishonesty and of fraud?

And most of this has been known for decades. Haeckel was tried for fraud over a hundred years ago.

Does Atheism really have all the answers and stand head and shoulders above the Judeo/Christian world view? Only when they control the playing field and the referees. And only if we  keep smiling in order to avoid conflict and fit in. We’ve grown so accustomed to the brain washing that I think we kind of like it. And we may have become too dysfunctional to fight; or maybe we’re just too comfortable.

If that is the case, God just may have to make us a little more uncomfortable.


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