Foreword and acknowledgements to Textbook Folly; Preview

Forward and Acknowledgements


I would like to acknowledge all of my secular college professors, men and women, the good, the bad and the ugly. Many of them were quite good at what they did, and more then a few were far more fair minded then their textbooks were and acknowledged the biases or mistakes or omissions as I brought them up. Very few were simply mindless propagators of the status quo; though many had become so used to it they were no longer so aware of the climate they were in.

Even in classes where some heat from friction became obvious, even online, almost every one of them responded like professionals. I think I came to like the honest ones who couldn’t hide their rancor at some of my challenges and challenged me back as well or better than the rest. To them and even to the writers of some of horrendous textbooks or the statements made in them or those that were omitted because of bias, I give my thanks. They challenged me and gave impetus to the learning process. Solo Deo Gloria.

“We must go to them with the propaganda of atheism, for only this propaganda defines the place of man in the universe…” Trotsky

“Ye shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall set you free.” Jesus Christ, John 8:32

Two opposite points of view. One claims to be able to free humanity though the knowledge of the living God, the other through the acceptance of propaganda. One rests entirely on faith in the works and words of God as unfolded in the Sacred Judeo-Christian Scriptures from Moses in the Torah through John in the New Testament. The other, the propaganda of atheism, rest entirely on faith in a Darwinian worldview, the universe created itself from nothing, for no reason. Everything is up for grabs, there is no God.

The Marxists made that clear;

“Darwinism is the forerunner; a preparation for Marxism…Marxism is the application of Darwinism to human society.” Trotsky, The Tasks of Communist Education, 1922

 Our universities were almost all founded on the premises of the Christian faith. Modern science had its foundation and birth in Christian Europe and the founders of almost every major scientific field and discipline pursued science as way to see the finger prints of God.

Things have changed just a little.  In China, Mao put it this way;

“We will substitute materialism for idealism and atheism for theism.”“Examples of Dialectics”, in, Selected works of Mao Zedong. vol. 8

 One faith; that of the biblical God of Moses, claims it can only be received by a heart prepared by God, through the working of the Holy Spirit. The other side is content with a confession of faith at the point of a gun, or the threat of becoming a social and economic outcast. One side talks of truth, the other uses the word propaganda. Our forefathers insisted that it would be impossible to have a free nation without a moral and religious (theistic) people, Marx, Stalin and Mao insisted it would be impossible to have an equal and prosperous society without the abolition of the knowledge of God.

Which faith is being actively promulgated in American, European and Australian public schools today? The answer to that question shouldn’t be too hard to figure out. Evolution has been easily falsified by the fossil record, by existing zoology, by genetics, by the basic laws of science. Yet only one idea is taught in schools, and it’s taught in such a way that it can easily be seen to be an ideology taught by methods of indoctrination. Propaganda. Evolution, the motivating force behind Hitler, Stalin and Marx and Mao, is being taught exclusively in public schools and colleges just as it was and still is taught in the Marxist countries.

The goal of the German Socialists (Nazi’s) and of the Bolsheviks and the Communist Chinese was to eliminate the idea of the existence of God from the schools and all of society, what are we doing that is any different? Stalin and Lenin outlawed prayer in the Soviet Union at the beginning of the 20th century and we did it in America in 1963.

Atheism is the rule. And, why? Why did all the communist dictators want to remove the idea of god from the people? Why is atheism so essential to the new world order and the goal of a one world government?

It’s really very simple; if man can give rights, he can take away rights. If man is the source and definer of human rights, there are no real, defined essential human rights. Man then has no intrinsic value coming from a source outside of himself. Under man’s rule, apart from the acknowledgement of a Creator God, there are no “unalienable rights”. And there are no real moral “rights and wrongs”. The government becomes God, but not the unchangeable source of righteousness found in the Torah, Tanach or New Testament.

Not the source of liberty cited by our forefathers of the faith who established and made this country the greatest nation in the world for a century or two.

You don’t think so? Take a look at the human rights in China, The USSR, and Cuba or in any Marxist communist nation. Good luck with that.

This book is going to take a look at the way in which secular colleges in America treat theism in general and Historical Christianity in particular. Not only do we want to see if theism is attacked; we want to ask is it attacked fairly with good arguments.  And we want to find out if atheism and secular beliefs are attacked with the same vigor. We want to see if our secular colleges are institutions of education or indoctrination.

What better way then to examine many of the common textbooks that the average student will buy with his or her own money today. Some of these books were those I was actually assigned when I was attending a secular college. And they will be approached fairly, I discovered, like in anything else, not all books were equally bad or good.

But even though I had no allusions about what I would find in a “secular” college, I was often shocked at the level of bias. I shouldn’t have been. Hopefully this series will help others prepare for and understand the level of hypocrisy in our modern education establishments.

They are not neutral for the most part. They are seminaries for a left wing atheistic world view, though there are many good professors, even atheists, who do labor to keep their biases in check, when they are aware of them. To those professors and to the Christian professors who labor in such a “secular” environment, this book is dedicated.

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