Death by the (enlightened) Culture

Death by the (enlightened) Culture

Is it the lack of more government gun control or the reality of over 56 million abortions that is cheapening the value of human life in the American culture?

And it isn’t just guns or abortions that have killed people in new ways and increasing numbers in the last 50 years, is it? How about the number of drug related deaths since the early sixties? Let me list a few for you;

Hugh S.- Heroin overdose, age 22

Robin B.- Heroin overdose, age 17

Colin P.- Murdered in drug deal- age 25

Mike S.- clubbed to death-drug related¸ age 28

Bruce V.- drug suicide, age 19

Denny D.- Heroin overdose, age 19

Randy C.- (almost got me murdered in a drug deal) Heroin overdose, age18-19

Hugh W.- Insane asylum drug related, age 18

Gilbert C.- murdered in drug deal, age 26

This is a short list of personal friends who died or were put in an insane asylum due to the explosion of cultural change which took place in the sixties. I could make it a lot longer, believe me, if I wanted to think about it for a while, but it’s been over 40 years and I would rather not go over all that territory again. These were all friends, people I partied with, or, in the case of some of them, very close friends, surfing buddies that I grew up with and in the case of two of them, practically lived at their houses at times. They were not “bad kids”; they were the sons of school principals, senators and people in the top echelon of the radio industry. Robin B. was voted most popular in Jr. High; Denny D. was listed as one of the hottest young surfers on the coast of California. But they’re dead.

The culture, the new hip enlightened culture, told them they could turn on, tune in and drop out; the media pasted ex-Harvard academic Timothy Leary’s words all over magazine covers and headlines. And if God was dead, as the new paganism claimed, why not? They dropped out alright, into six foot deep graves. And that wasn’t the only new phenomena that hit the prosperous and spiritually sloppy post-war culture of the fifties; scores of us went to jail and prison for drug charges, theft and robbery, all drug related and from families with no history of crime or drug use.

A few of these boys came from rougher neighborhoods and cultures where drugs and single parent homes were already becoming prevalent; but most came from middle to upper-class homes and two parent families. How many young men from such families died of drug overdoses before 1963? How many went to prison?

And then there were the new and very enlightened views on sex, what kind of toll did they take? I had at least one personal friend who died of HIV in the eighties. He was a young black friend of mine who made sexual advances on me when I was 16. I decked him. But he was not a bad kid; he was kind hearted, loved literature and never bothered me again. But thousands of others like him died of HIV, while the culture, through the media and academia continues to push new views of gender that say, “hey, it’s all good, the biblical moral code that guided the western nations for two thousand years was an invention of very imaginative sheep herders and fun hating old white men- if it feel good, do it.” In our boring old pre-sixties Christian culture, people didn’t die from HIV, did they?

And all this free sex had one very obvious result that none of our enlightened academic scholars seemed to anticipate; babies. Unwanted and unplanned for babies. No problem; they handled this kind of thing in ancient Rome long before our modern times, we can do the same thing; Kill them. Infanticide and abortion had been outlawed for over two thousand years in the Christian nations; life in the womb was considered sacred, babies like all humans were thought to have been formed in the image of God. Not anymore.

At what point does it become ludicrous for an incumbent president who personally refused to sign a bill to protect infants who survive the saline abortion “technique”, and who adamantly insists that 56 million dead pre-natal infants are simply the process of “reproductive rights” in action, to bemoan the deaths of kindergarten students in a horrible massacre? If human life has been ruled to have no value inside the womb, how much value can it have outside the womb?

The value of human life becomes arbitrary; professors at Yale discuss and argue over “personhood”. Now, since 1973, you can be a human and not be a person.

Dead babies; dead young men from drugs; dead young men from free gender choice; dead marriages; if it feels good, just do it. Right.

We had no real gun control back in the fifties. I used to walk on Zuma beach in LA County with a Ruger Bearcat 22 pistol strapped on my hip when I was 10 and no one thought much about it. Crimes like the killing sprees in the public schools didn’t happen, though we had plenty of guns and very few gun laws. Guns do not cheapen the value of life; abortion does.

Abortion, free sex and the “anything goes” view of gender being espoused in our halls of academia have cheapened sex and they cheapen the value of life.

Some people think I live in the past. They say “you read too much, too much history, you’re out of it, man, you live in the past”.  Not really. I read history to live in the past, its true. But I want to live in the past only so I can understand the present and have a small hint of the future.  The  problem is that the same people live in a culture bubble, they are totally wrapped up in the tiny slice of history they live in now; the computerized and sexualized hip post sixties culture. And they have no counter balance for it.

They think the sixties were cool. I don’t. They almost killed me and they destroyed millions of others. And I think if my dead friends could speak they would agree with me.

The killings in the kindergarten are not a political problem, big government can’t handle it; government really is not God. The killings are just one more symptom of a spiritual and morally staggered society. And our government supported schools, by implementing what is really an atheist worldview replete with historical revisioning and manipulation of scientific data are fueling the idea of a universe without a god and thus, without absolute values.

Government may not have caused the problem, but it is helping to support the worldview which did. If we fail to recognize what the disease is, all the hand waving, great emotional speeches and increased government control and accompanying spending will prove futile. It gets old listening to many of the democrats use the dysfunction fueled in part by their by their very liberal (moral) policies, to erode our native liberties and at the same time increase the power and size of the federal government. Our forefathers warned us that our constitution was written only for a highly moral and religious people;

“[W]e have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. . . . Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” John Adams, The Works of John Adams, Second President of the United States, Charles Francis Adams, editor

“Liberty and justice simply cannot be had apart from the gracious influences of a righteous people. A righteous people simply cannot exist apart from the aspiration to liberty and justice. The Christian religion and its incumbent morality is tied to the cause of freedom with a Gordian knot; loose one from the other and both are sent asunder.”Gouverneur Morris, from biography by James Carter Braxton, 1911, p. 101

People and presidents with Marxist leanings have a hard time understanding that.  Government is limited and not omnipotent; God is omnipotent and his moral standards are universal, eternal and unchanging. He blesses what he says he will bless and He curses that which he warned he would curse.

I am alive today, but I began to turn towards god in a LA County jail cell forty years ago. Gilbert C.’s brother is alive today also, and he turned towards god after his brother and our mutual friend’s death (Joe M., shot in bar fight) thirty years ago.

I am going to suggest an extremely unhip and archaic answer to our deteriorating culture; let’s start to turn back towards the one true God of our forefathers as found in the Scripture. It worked for Nineveh, it would work for us.


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