Dr. Gosnell; President Obama; send us your babies


Send us your saline acid burned and scarred babies. As they lay there on the delivery table having suffered and survived a burning acid bath only moments before, and while they are sucking in their first breaths, looking up at the shadowy and blurred figure of the abortion doctor hovering over them with scissors; before you sever their life from them with your knives, send them to us. Let us show them the one side of the human experience they have never known; in a word, Mr. President; human love. Before you kill them, Let us hold them. If they die, before you place them in a plastic bag and throw them into a trash container, send them to us. Let us bury them in the soft earth of our farms or ranches. We will give them a decent burial, and we will hold them for a moment before placing them tenderly into the cold ground. We will speak a few words over their graves and grieve their parting. If they are alive, send them to us, we will try to comfort them. If they are burned, we will rub soft salve onto their skins. If they are blinded by the saline, we will lead them by the hand and teach them to read braille. If they are ugly and scarred, we will love them anyway, and show them that love is not due only to the beautiful and wanted, but is unconditional. If they are hungry, we will find a way to feed them, every one of them. And we will clothe them. Abortion doctors, and the presidents and senators that support them; send us your babies! We will find homes for them; big hearted, kind, selfless mothers and hardworking fathers, loving sisters and brothers. By all that is good and merciful and right or just in this world, stop treating them as if they were non-humans, as though they were non-persons, as if they had no right to life, no need for mercy, undeserving of even the smallest acts of human kindness, as though we as a people owed them no responsibility at all. Mr. President, send us your babies; because they are our babies, they are everyone’s babies. They are human; they deserve to be held and gloated over like we were; they deserve to be loved.


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4 Responses to Dr. Gosnell; President Obama; send us your babies

  1. Brilliant. Is this your original?

    Stay Blessed


    • notmanynoble says:

      Yes, That Gosnell coverage really galls me. I think most Americans discuss and think of abortion almost as if it was a theological issue or philosophical discussion. I think if you could walk them through an abortion they would finally be struck wit the fact that we are talking about real human beings, and the most innocent to be found.


      • Unfortunately, here as with you, these State sanctioned murderers are are another symptom of evolutionism’s teaching on life. As you say, people should see the shame of how we deal with these tiny humans.


  2. notmanynoble says:

    I agree; its often a case of “out of sight, out of mind”.


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