Is President Obama’s executive socialism a “true representation of the People”?

A dialogue from an old movie that captures the difference between Obama’s executive socialism and the priciples of American democratic freedom can be found in the 1970s film “Cromwell”. It is found in the scene when the Puritans from the newly re-called parliament go to the king with their petition.

Oliver Cromwell; “I am persuaded, your majesty, that England must move forward to a more enlightened form of government, based upon a true representation of the people. Such an institution, my lord, is known as democracy.”

King Charles the 1st; “Democracy was a Greek drollery based upon the foolish notion that there are extraordinary possibilities in very ordinary people.”

Oliver Cromwell; “It is the ordinary people, my lord, who would most readily lay down their lives in defense of your realm. It’s simply that, beng ordinary, they would like to be asked and not told.”

We don’t like not being asked or given a vote but being told that we must bow our knees to socialized medicine and insurance, accept government EPA regulations that are dragging down the economy and are based on atheistic and narrow views of weather and its control, if we object, we are called flat earthers. We are over-ruled If we question new views of family and marriage, and are accused of being hateful is we prefer to hold on to our biblical values, and we are forced to oblige prenatal infanticide, which denies the god given and constitutionally backed right to life of innocent humans in the womb, as an acceptable form of birth control. All since we are apparently not considered smart or enlightened enough, or atheist enough to know better. And because a man elected by a small margin, and who ran on vague euphemistic promises of change, says so. That is a form of tyranny, not constitutional democracy or a “true representation of the people”. We may not be enlightened people, Mr. President, but that doesn’t mean we like being pushed aside, like so many sacks of flour, while you transform the country to your ideological liking. As Oliver Cromwell said, we’d like to be asked, not told, even if we are ordinary people.


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